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One of the things I missed most while pregnant with DS was running. This time around, I'm determined to run as long through the pregnancy as I can. Last time, being so tired was really what kept me from running. I was finishing grad school, and it just seemed like too much.

I think having other running mamas to remind me to get out there and stick to it will motivate me on the days I just don't want to. What do you think?

I could easily run 3.5 miles before I got pregnant, so I'm currently running 4 times a week, 1-3.5 miles.

For me, I find running actually helps me feel better. It also makes me soooo hungry, but I also eat healthier foods! I think that's a win-win.

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I could use a running mama motivator too! Last pregnancy I ran until I was about 30 weeks and then I continued to walk most days. This pregnancy I have been sooo tired. And I'm getting over a cold but I KNOW that if I get out there I'll feel much better about myself.

I'm always starving right now since I'm still nursing DD but working out/running does seem to encourage me to make healthier food choices. I could use some motivation in that area too
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Swimmers too?

I'm not a runner, due to bad knees, but I swim. When I got PG with DS1, I was swimming 30 laps, three times a week. My OB convinced me to scale way back and eventually I had to stop swimming in the last trimester. I really missed it, but I continued to walk several miles every day. I was also a graduate student at that time - so I sympathize with the stress .

Now I teach and I'm still crazy-busy all the time trying to juggle a full teach schedule with staying home with DS three weekdays (and weekends of course). While I'm relatively healthy because DS and I do a lot of walking. I really want to get back into the groove of swimming/exercising. I'm also convince not to let an OB scare me into not exercising, like I did with my first pregnancy. I currently do yoga/pilates three times a week. I would love some motivation to add swimming to the mix.
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I'm a frustrated runner! I was running 3 miles or so 3 times a week uptil the day I found out I was pregnant. I did a 4 mile charity run that day and have neither the energy or the time to run since. We are right in the middle of moving house and the place where I run is too dangerous to run in the evening in the dark and it's just too much like hard work with the buggy during the day. Am hoping to just get back into walking more with the buggy in the next little while, but will def do more when we;ve moved! The pounds are creeping on though and I'm feeling quite bloated and really need to get back to exercising more! Lx
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I am sure y'all know this, but I feel like it bears stating. I've read that we can do whatever our body was accustomed to beforehand, but it's not the time to add mileage or intensity. Be prepared for a little slowing down, and that's OK.

I think one challenge for me will be getting enough water and food. I am nursing DS still, so I need to be sure I am eating very regularly. I've been pretty slack about drinking enough water, so I am trying to go from 1 liter to 3 a day.

Swimming is GREAT for pregnancy! I am so disappointed your OB was so negative about it. It's low impact and the water helps you keep your body temperature regulated. Obviously you'd need to keep yourself hydrated, but you'd need to do that anyway.

Hang in there laangel! You will get to a place where scheduling works again.

Fly Girl, I'm excited you have experience in this topic so we can ask you for advice.

The first question I have is, what do you say to yourself to remind yourself that exercise is safe for the babe? For me (and I know this sounds awful), but I used to work with moms with substance abuse issues. A lot of moms abused crack cocaine, but their babies were born healthy, some carried to term even. I tell myself running is not worse than crack and either the pregnancy will work out or it won't, but running won't be the cause.
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I was thinking a very similar thing today about other people doing much worse things and still carrying a healthy baby! I managed a walk today with ds in the buggy and will get the chance to go again tomorrow morning for an hour and half before playgroup. I think I'll probably be knocking running on the head til the summer again but if I can get a good walk in every couple of days and some fresh air everyday I'll be happy enough.
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Originally Posted by Burnindinner View Post
Fly Girl, I'm excited you have experience in this topic so we can ask you for advice.

The first question I have is, what do you say to yourself to remind yourself that exercise is safe for the babe? For me (and I know this sounds awful), but I used to work with moms with substance abuse issues. A lot of moms abused crack cocaine, but their babies were born healthy, some carried to term even. I tell myself running is not worse than crack and either the pregnancy will work out or it won't, but running won't be the cause.
I think you have to remember that your body is built for pregnancy. Whatever you were doing before, you can safely do now that your pregnancy. You will know if you body can handle the exercise. If it doesn't feel ok, slow down. Last pregnancy I was able to keep my mileage about the same but I had to slow my pace way down. And then once I hit about 30 weeks my pelvis felt all wonky and I knew it was time to stop. Just listen to your body. And remember, if you continue to exercise during pregnancy, your body will be stronger and better able to handle labor
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Bleurgh. I wish i was still running!

I have had 2 losses and then this pregnancy since July, so with the bleeding and such i've been mainly resting since summer. I still take DD to the pool (which to me is not exercise - 40 laps is exercise, piddling about in the leisure pool is relaxation!) and i did do a 51mile cycle in mid-september (which i LOVED) but i've done almost nothing since. I feel so sick and tired all the time just now that i'm not doing anything but walking...

I intend to do aquanatal once i hit 16weeks, and who knows, i might return to running once i get past this early pregnancy all-day-long nausea and exhaustion.
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I got my 1 miler in today! Sunday was 3.35, and the fall weather was PERFECT! Got 2 scheduled for Thursday.

I used to run 15-30 miles a week depending on what I was training for. I feel ridiculous proudly reporting running a mile.
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I got 3 miles in yesterday. Nothing today but planning another 3-4 for tomorrow.
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Hey Runner Mamas!
This is such a great idea! I was training for my second half marathon when we found out we were pregnant. I thought, "I've already run a half, and I've already had a baby, so I know what to expect. Heck yeah, I can still do the half marathon". So naive!

The morning sickness has been much worse this time around and I have the new elements of motion sickness and complete loss of appetite. I've managed to clock 12-15 miles and a yoga class or two each week. If I can keep this up I'll still feel pretty hardcore. I gained 72 lbs with DD (age 23 months) despite lots of veggies and cardio & lifting 6 days per week, so I have an extremely vested interest in staying on top of this!

Good luck to everyone!
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How's running going for everyone? As I get further along, running definitely helps the symptoms. It's odd, I can feel really awful and nauseated, but a run will help that all lessen.

PS Sam - Personally, weight gain is just one number. It can be misleading to say just the # of pounds gained or to think of it that way for yourself. If you were eating healthy, exercising regularly and otherwise taking care of yourself, actual pounds gained is just one aspect of that picture.
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Burnindinner~ I totally agree!! Weight gain is incidental and my conscience is clean as long as I stay on top of my exercise and nutrition.

I've been traveling a bunch for work and have managed to use the hotel gyms everywhere I go. Alternating between running and elliptical is keeping my hips happy, and working out is just about the only thing helping the constant nausea.

Hope everyone else is doing well!
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Got in 3.1 Saturday and 1.8 today. It always amazes me how much more sane I feel after running.

How is eating enough going for everyone? I ask because I am apparently not eating enough throughout the day. If I don't I feel awful, and I've lost a pound. I hadn't really understood how much I would need to eat with pregnancy, nursing AND running.

Speaking of which, I have a baked potato ready for eating.
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Ooh, baked potato. That sounds sooo good. I had no idea what to do for dinner but now I'm going to have to run out and get one
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Ran 3 miles last night and felt awesome. I've been having terrible nausea, vomiting, and motion sickness, but felt like a total goddess on the treadmill. Hooray!
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so glad to find this thread! used to running about 3 miles 4-5 times a week. last time i ran was 2 weeks ago. i hit a wall and am so so miserably exhausted and nauseous. I can't do mornings because i'm sick every morning, and when i get home from work in the evenings, make supper, put dd dto bed, etc., there is just no way at the end of the day because it's like i'm sleeping standing up. I'm waiting for this to pass so I can get out there again.
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I got my second run in for the week. 3.5 miles with DD in the running stroller. Man, I love my Ironman Bob stroller! Running really helps with my nausea in the evening.
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Still running (and enjoying it!)


I'm due right at the end of June, so almost 7wks along. I went running last night and again this morning. Rain is forecast here so had to get it in before it started. LOL.

I can still run 25 min continuously. I have no idea how much distance I am covering. But I am so pleased that I can still do that and hope to keep it up at least another month or so.

Running is a new thing for me (about last half year). Are the any guidelines for when to stop running during pregnancy. I saw someone post about not adding distance, etc.

Anyway, just wanted to check in with some fellow pg runners and hear how you are all doing. So many people are intimidated by running. It has improved my fitness and weightloss so much!

Rgds, Annette
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Burnindinner - I just wanted to say that you rock, and I think you are doing great. Whether you run a mile or 10 miles it's amazing that you are still getting out there and doing it. Thanks for your posts and keeping us all motivated!
To all you other amazing ladies, this is great. It is super enjoyable to see other preg. mama's running. I do it and really enjoy it. Makes me feel strong, takes away the morning sickness (at least while I'm out), but does make me very hungry and sometimes getting out the door is kind of hard...
As far as adding mileage... I think like anything you must use common sense. A little at a time wont hurt anything, but this isn't the time to train for a half if you have only run a 5K. KWIM? and as other posters have said, listen to your body and this isn't the time to set PR.
Anyway, I'm so proud of all you ladies, keep it up!
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