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Has anyone else noticed a change in the cup dept? I'm an entire cup size bigger...at 7 weeks! I'm a little on the big size to begin with. Now I'm not sure if I should go out and buy a new bra or not....only to bust out of that one in no time. sigh.
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I swear that I have just spent the drive home tugging and pulling at my bra trying to make it sit right. It feels awful, uncomfortable and ill fitting.
I think I might also be on the verge of needing a new one too. Eek. Oh, and afraid I can't say they were small to begin with either...
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I was thinking yesterday that I am going to need a new bra and I am only 4.5 weeks! I didn't change like this during my first pregnancy. Obviously this one is going to be a lot harder to hide.
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I'm already a cup size bigger. Good thing I still have bras from nursing and previous pregnancies. lol
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With my first pregnancy, I grew a full cup size while I was sleeping one night at 6 weeks. I looked like a porn star! They kept growing through pregnancy as I gained weight, but there wasn't another big jump like that.

With my 2nd, they just gradually got bigger as I gained weight - no soreness either

This time, they have already started getting bigger, but it is in spurts. Each time they pop out a little more, they get really tender.

I'm already whining to DH about a lift and/or reduction. He better start saving his pennies!
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Yes, I have already grown a cup size as well. Had to go out and get another bra. I'm also sleeping with a sports bra as well, otherwise I'm in pain through the night every time I move. It was the first noticeable pregnancy symptom.
Several people have noticed that they are looking humongous... No complaints over here, I love it. Can't imagine what they're going to be like when nursing!!
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Something that I wanted to suggest for comfort - With my last pregnancy, I bought some really comfy nursing sports bras from Target. They were perfect for pregnancy and nursing and I still wore them around the house after DD weaned.
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The booby fairy never visits me during pregnancy! No size change here. Well, the "weight loss fairy" took away 2 cup sizes when I lost 60 lbs in the last year, but that's it. One cup size would be nice.
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I haven't had a bra on in 2 wks, but am leaving the hospital today...but I'm 5 wks 1 day, pretty sure my boobs haven't gotten bigger yet.
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Yep, I have some major swellage in the boob department. I dropped 20+ lbs in the past few months to prepare to TTC and my nursing bras were getting really loose (aka swingy, lol). I am glad I didn't size down because they are full again. . I am dreading what size they will be after delivery though. Yikes!
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HUGE. Warm. Sore.
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Mine have grown. I'm not sure how much my cup certainly overfloweth.

My boobs are killing me too. Only thing that keeps them from hurting is not letting them touch anything or bump them at all. Easier said than done when I am already a D cup. OUCH!
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With my first pregnancy I grew a cup size in the first 8 weeks. This time they are taking a bit longer to fill out; I guess since they are a bit flippety flappety from 2 years of nursing ds!
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Originally Posted by Traceround View Post
Easier said than done when I am already a D cup. OUCH!
Yep. DD here, inching painfully into the Absurd Land of E. I've bumped the damn things several times already, coming around corners and such, thinking 'those didn't used to be clear out there...' Good grief.
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I've had some growth.. mostly "spillage" out of the sides of my bras. I think being pregnant and/or nursing for the past 10 1/2 years has caused my poor boobs to be in permanent sag mode. I anticipate more growth in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters, if past pregnancies are an indicator for me.
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You've gotta know your boobs are huge when DH mentions new bra's while were at the mall, lol! At 5 weeks they have already grown 1 cup size!! They are gonna be huge. It's really too bad I just bought 2 new bras about 2 weeks before getting pregnant. At least DH is having fun with them
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G cup here and I am growing. I have never ever grown (cup size wise, lol) during pregnancy. ONLY when my milk comes in. But for some reason, this pg is different. :/ LOL.

I can deal with the growth, as annoying as it is. But the pain in my breasts and nips is terrible at night. UGHH!
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Gigantic, really sore, and pink and hot. I was already an E and now i'm an F-and-a-half. Sadly the only bra i have from last time is a G and a full back size too big so i'm stuck bulging out of too-small one's for now. I'm sick of them hurting so much, my DD seems to be pade principally of elbows which she keeps digging into them.
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I'm sorry for the soreness around here, but glad to know I'm not alone. It's my biggest complaint so far for sure.

I'm 7 weeks and in that time have gone from a C cup to a DD. New bras. My breasts wake me up in the middle of the night BURNING. So awful. And I'm wearing a soft cup bra to bed. I've got the blue veins all over my chest and stretch marks are already forming on the tops. Cripes.

Is this a first trimester woe or is this going to last the whole time? I'm worried about needing to sleep on my side by the second trimester. Right now, I could cry each time I sleep on my side. The weight of one over the other hurts!

I'm such a whiner!
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I've got the blue veins all over my chest and stretch marks are already forming on the tops.
That happened to me when i was 12 (i went from an A-cup at 10 to a DD by age 12) and i cried for 3 weeks about the stretchies. I was kind of glad when pregnant with DD that with my thin irish skin and blonde complexion i already had stretchmerks EVERYWHERE pregnancy might put them. Hang in there, i remember my boobs hurting like heck until about 9 or 10 weeks and ten feeling "normal" (though staying larger) until after the birth.
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