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Ms Doula,
you have NO IDEA how badly i need that...thanks!!

I actually had someone go to the aneheim baby expo for me. But I REALLY want to be able to go myself sometime. I was surprised and amazed that there weren't any cloth diapering companies there. Why is that??? Is cloth diapering really that small of a community??

I bet where you live is absolutely beautiful!! I wish we lived closer... i would LOVE to have a cloth diapering party with you, wink, wink!
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Originally posted by Ms.Doula
yeah, jen and I cant wait to meet ya at the baby expo!!!
Stop by my booth at the Babyfest & introduce yourself! I am excited! I have never met a online mom before! I think hte Babyfest will be cool!
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When and where is the Baby Expo? I may stop by! What is involved? (I've never been to one.) Is there perhaps a website where I can see what goes on? What kind of booths do they have? Maybe next year, BottomBumpers will have one
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There is a Babyfest in Fresno on May 1st. http://www.fresnofamily.com/babyfest/index.htm
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I'll be at babyfest too!! Please stop by and say hi. Please forgive me up front though if I don't have instant recognition of you. I don't get to this board nearly as often as I'd like to. I am a nice person. I just have a poor memory. My poor sleepless brain has troubles sorting out usernames and real names.

I'm really looking forward to it. Now.....I simply must work on getting my stuff together!
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hey stacy!!!

we still need to get together!!!

pm me your # again!!!

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Hi Calimommie, I live in Paradise, and work part-time in Chico. My dd is almost six months old. Just thought I'd say hi, it seems like it has been hard to meet other likeminded mama's here.
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We are in The Tahoe area this weekend...... Driving back through to Fresno on Sunday afternoon. Anyone wanna meet up??? :
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