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Simon Maxwell is here!

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Simon was born October 9th at 8:49 am. So, in my last thread I said that we were going in for a c/s on Friday morning because of Simon's estimated weight. As you might imagine, he wasn't as big as they were guessing (which was 11lbs12oz). In fact, in case anyone is going to need ammunition to hold out against induction/c/s for "suspected big baby," you can use him as an example of extreme error. He was only 9lbs6oz.

I'm still at peace with our decision, though, because the fluid estimate was also way off. It was way off in the opposite direction, though. My last AFI put me back down in the mild polyhydramnios range. It became clear during the c/s that that wasn't even close. One of our m/ws was in the OR, and described the amount of fluid as scary. She supports me in mourning the loss of my vaginal birth, but she has no regrets about making the c/s recommendation. Simon was also way high, and it seems like we were gambling with cord prolapse and placental abruption rather than the shoulder distocia we were concerned might happen.

Anyway, I'd have to say the birth was even more traumatic than I was expecting (my bp and heartrate kept dropping until the fluid was out and not compressing my vena cava -- I wouldn't have guessed you could be conscious with a bp of 53/30). But the recovery has so far been much smoother than I was expecting. My milk has already come in, more than 36 hours earlier than after my vaginal births, which I totally wasn't expecting. I'm in pain and obviously not doing much, but I'm improving and not miserable. Simon is fine, hasn't shown any adverse effects of his arrival method (which was my biggest fear), and hasn't been separated from me since they brought him to the recovery room.

A big part of the smoothness of everything has been because the hospital we were at is so supportive of bfing and minimizing separation. I was really impressed. I'd actually have to say that this was my second best birth. First was my homebirth, of course. But this time around still beats my experience having ds1 vaginally in a different hospital, because after birth they were constantly whisking him off and doing and saying stupid things. I ended up feeling so disempowered by that birth. It's amazing the difference a supportive environment makes.

So, the potential issues of a esophageo-tracheal fistula and kidney problems have been ruled out (whew!), and we're safely home. It's been a wild ride these last 20 weeks since everything started with finding out about the 2-vessel cord, and we're looking forward to a peaceful babymoon. So far, Simon's pretty laid-back and mellow. We'll enjoy that while it lasts!

Hope you're all enjoying your babies or soon to have wonderful births!
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Congratulations!!! So much for size estimates! I'm so glad things went so well and the potential problems were ruled out. Enjoy your babymoon!
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Congrats on your sweet baby!!!
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Glad you and Simon are doing well! Hope you have a speedy recovery.
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Welcome Earthside Simon!
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Congratulations! Glad to hear that things went well and everyone is healthy!!
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so glad things worked out! congratulations!
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Congratulations! So glad those problems were ruled out and you're home with your sweet baby. Hope you have a fast and smooth recovery!
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Wonderful news, so glad that the c/section decision was the right one. Pah to weight estimates though - are they ever right? Keep resting!
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Congrats on the healthy baby. Not surprised at all with the ultrasound faults. They are wrong all the time. Enjoy your baby and heal well.
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Welcome Simon!!!
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Wow! What a journey! He was born the same size I was! COngratulations!!!
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Yeah, another beautiful birth... congradulations
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congrats! love the name!
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Congratulations mom and well wishes to Simon Maxwell!!
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Congratulations on your healthy baby boy! Thanks for sharing your birth story with us. Hoping you have a wonderful babymoon!
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Congrats mama!!
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