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Maybe Feb. baby

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Looks like I may have a Feb. baby.
Went to the ob yesterday and they finally heard back from my surgeon. The whole ob practice (10 ob's plus mw's) has been going over my case and made a few decisions. They feel the worst case senerio for me would be a c-section and they will try to avoid one as much as possible. I had a very hard time delivering my second because she was so big (they almost broke her clavical) and they thought I might need a cs with her. She was delivered vaginally but with a lot of damage to mama.
So the ob said they would like to induce me the day that the baby reaches full term which means 37 weeks since my babes tend to be a bit on the big side. I actually feel really good about this. The OB's are really paying attention to the state of my body and have a plan of action to keep me and the baby boy safe. We will be at Women and Infants in RI so I know we are in really good hands. Since my due date is Mar.16 or 18 I can't remember this means I will most likely be induced in Feb. I am staying in this group only though because I can barely keep up with you ladies
So ladies pick a practice you feel comfortable with because sometimes you will depend on their wisdom and knowledge more than you expected
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It's fabulous that you've got a plan that everyone can work with and be confident about. Congratulations!
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