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Embracing Single Motherhood

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I've had my epiphany! It's an amazing new dream...
I've spent 16 mos in the grieving process, mostly in denial and anger... Trying to fit a life back together in a dream that didn't exist anymore. Ah Ha! (says she who finally stops banging her head against the brick wall) We don't look like that anymore, we don't live like that anymore ... This is all new and it doesn't have to be bad.

So here I am, with my "if you must be one, you should join them" and I am here to say that I am okay with my singleness. I AM a single mom, and a durn good one, too.

I must tell you, too what a horrific (and simultaneously wonderful) shock this was to my boyfriend He's pretty tired of being judged by standards he doesn't even know exist! (He is my soulmate, just gotten too used to being a bachelor while waiting for me~we met after I was engaged to dh, 8 years ago) So we talked about my family being whole and complete with my two children and that focusing on ourselves as homeschooling, loving family of 3. One we hope to include him (the vast majority of our "romantic" involvement has been long distance), eventually, but for now we are okay with just US. And I realize that it's okay to not give birth again. I've got two great kids and it's more than some can ever hope for. Wow, I feel really good. Thanks for reading so far....
Acceptance is more wonderful than Denial, (and I'm telling ya, that was pretty ding dang fun ) I think I'll hang out here for a while...

"God never gives us more than we can handle. I just wish he didn't trust me so much." Mother Teresa and ME
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Wow, that is great Diana! Don't you just love when the rock hits you on the head all sudden-like.
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