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I'm not too thrilled about what ds wants most of all for christmas

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I know it's SUPER early, but ds has already been talking about christmas for months! I don't know if he remembers from last year, or what triggered his memory, but christmas has been a big topic of conversation around here.

Ds wants this truck desperately. He first spotted it at the toy store about 6 months ago and has been in love since. The thing is, I hate it. It's outrageously expensive, huge, and entirely plastic.

We've always approached the Santa thing as "a wonderful and fun story to tell and game to play around christmas time." However, this year, ds insists "No! Santa is really going to come to my house and bring me a red cement mixer!"

You see my dilema? I really think ds will be absolutely crushed if he doesn't get this truck come christmas morning. I've tried showing ds some really cool wooden cement mixers on etsy, but he's not interested. I know there is a lot of time between now and christmas and his interests/wants could change entirely, but he's been in love with this thing for 6 months now...I just can't see it happening.

What would you do?
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Honestly, I'd get the truck, assuming the money isn't the issue. I'm bendable on things like that, though.
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How old is he? It's a tough dilemma. Last year, DD--then 3--wanted a "Hannah Montana Hair Style" which as best as I could figure it out, was a hair styling beauty parlor set up plastic gigantic thing. I felt guilty not buying it since she's not really very acquisitive, but I really just COULDN'T DO IT.

She still had a great Christmas!

However, she does still talk about it wistfully every once in a while and then I feel bad.
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That is a gorgeous cement mixer! I would be hesitant only because of the price -- that's a lot to pay for a toy. It does seem like the kind of open-ended toy that a kid could play with a lot, though.
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Would he be happy with a cheaper/smaller red plastic/metal cement mixer?

My DD has seemed to fixate on very specific things and it normally ends up that she's pretty happy with just something similar.
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I agree that it looks like a really cool truck-- but way too much $$, IMO. I'd look for something similar and cheaper, and not worry about it being wooden, etc.
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Originally Posted by Oliver'sMom View Post
What would you do?
I'd get the truck for him. I wouldn't tell him it was from Santa though, and it would likely be his only gift.

IME, Bruder makes quality toys. We have a dump truck we got when my daughter was not quite 2 and it has held up to all kinds of abuse particularly from my one year old son.
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If money is not the issue (I know I wouldn't be able to afford it...), do it! And I only say that because DS (3 y-o) got a similar Bruder truck last summer (gift from his uncle) and he still plays with it almost everyday, and the darn thing is virtually indestructible.
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He'll be 3 in February.

It really is a pretty truck. The price is what hits me hardest. I have seen it for around 45 bucks on amazon though...still a lot, but not quite as bad. If I did get it, that would probably be his only present...plus his stocking. I'm totally cool with that...quality over quantity. Hmmmm, I guess I'm answering this myself

Still, I'm open for suggestions!
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I feel for you. DS is set on getting this for Christmas:


I'm pretty sure he has no idea what it even does--just that it looks just like the Why Writer Super Why uses. He saw it in a toy store when we were shopping for a friend. In our case it's not particularly expensive, so I'm going to honor his wishes and just get the darn thing--if he still remembers in a month or so. But he's remembered so far and he has a notoriously good memory, so I'm not holding out much hope.

I tend to err on the side going with the child's wishes, assuming that you would spend that much on something else instead. If that's outside of the budget you have for Christmas, then I would get something similar, but cheaper.
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It is expensive! But, Ohmygosh.. even I want that truck. It's so pretty!

I don't even like trucks.

ETA... i'd totally get that for him. And, maybe some colored blocks to go with it... and probably even some "guys" to go with that.

That is a pretty nice truck, and it has that magical look. It reminds me of the rides at old carnivals... all colorful and shiny. It would make him so happy.
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I think the truck looks awesome. I wouldn't want a wooden one instead, either.

I would get him the truck and remember that his dreams and wishes won't always line up with yours, and his individuality is okay. Let him be who he is, and indulge in a little wish fulfillment on Christmas.

I don't think $67 is too much to pay. I guess perhaps we overspend, but roughly $100 per child is normal Christmas budget in our house. We save up over time for spending money for the kids' gifts, and we purchase gifts for other people throughout the year to spread the cost and save money.

I don't think $67 is too much to spend on my husband for Christmas, so I don't feel it's excessive for a child, either. Everyone likes to have fun and be a little spoiled/dream a little once a year!
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I would get it, too. They are only kids once and sometimes the things that seem unimportant to us are things that they remember forever. I'm a little sentimental like that, though. I don't get my kids everything they want by ANY means but when they really love something and keep talking about it for months on end, I usually assume it is important to them. Sometimes I want something kind of weird and I don't want someone telling me that I should want something else instead.
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I say get it. I too prefer wooden toys. But if he picked it out and his heart is set on it, I think it's fine to go off course and get something plastic. If he is into it that much, it will probably be played with a lot - probably more than the lovely wooden truck you or I would pick! I have always felt that it is more fun to get one really special thing than a couple of of things that I am not as into.
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I LOVE Bruder Trucks! (And no, I don't get a commission.)

We have a TON of Bruder trucks and I LOVE them.

Yes, they're plastic. But they are VERY realistic. They are among the favorite toys for all the kids who come to our house. Our ds is a detail guy. Details MATTER. (Seriously, whether the garbage truck lifts the garbage on the side or the back was a HUGE deal to him!) Wood trucks just weren't realistic enough for him. The Bruder trucks are.

Other reasons I love the Bruder trucks:
1. They're made in Germany, so they're safe plastic.
2. They're durable. Really, really strong. As in my kids sat on them, used them for steps, decided to see what would happen when they were sent down the steps (and onto the slate floor), etc.
3. You can replace the parts. (Active Toys has a really nice parts department.)

I got most of our Bruder stuff on Ebay. The price was much better, and I figured I was doing my part for the environment by recycling a toy that another child was done playing with.

Look at that - a very similar garbage truck on Ebay for $25 plus shipping.
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Except for the price, that truck is AWESOME and I'd get it. But it is a lot of money. I'd probably get it anyway, personally. We usually get two or three gifts, and I'd just downgrade whatever else were were going to get so more money could be allocated to that, if he wants it so badly. Either that or put a bug in a grandparent's ear.
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I'd get it in a heartbeat. It might be plastic but I think there is a place in this world for plastic in moderation. That is a beautiful toy!
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If I could afford it, I'd get it.

It seems like a good toy to me. Yeah, it's Plastic, but also realistic, open ended, and as far as I can tell no batteries. And if it's not made in China, all the better. Could be a lot worse.

If it's just too much $$, then maybe there's something similar. If it's all I could afford, but I could afford it, I'd talk to him about how it would be his only gift, no other toys. Make sure he understands that and isn't jealous if another kid gets many cheaper toys.
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Holy Cow! My boys would LOVE that truck!

Have you seen the size of it? http://sababygifts.com/Bruder/Boy_with_trucks.jpg

ETA: Of course you have - that's why you said it's huge. My bad. But for others - check this out. This thing is gigantic!

I'd pay $40 for that - and the ebay one's a steal! Maybe I'll beat you to it.

Kidding. I wouldn't do that....unless you really don't want it.

I agree - who cares if it's plastic? I've noticed that my kids prefer plastic and the realism plastic gives....wood...not much at all. Sure, I prefer wood. But my kids aren't me.
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I'd get him the truck. I would much rather buy something huge, plastic, and expensive than have my little boy be disappointed on Christmas morning.
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