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OMG, I didn't realize it was so big!

I think I want one myself, now.
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that os an awesome truck and seriously at the ebay price how can you not. And there is not way a wooden one would veen compare. not even close.
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Oh my gracious!

Those are huge!

My dd wasn't into trucks so I am not at all hip to these. They look pretty nice but huge! Wow!
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I'd buy it.
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I agree with the rest who say to go ahead and get it. He will love it to pieces (hopefully not literally). Like you said, there's still quite a bit of time between now and Christmas (though it is almost the middle of Oct. already!) and you can take your time shopping around the different websites and finding the best deal. You can plug that particular model or brand into Google and it'll pop up with a bunch of different sites that offer it for sale.
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OMG that thing is HUGE! And awesome. I would so get it, wrap a big red bow on it and sit there with my camera waiting for the happy face!!!!
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I would get it.

We have the Bruder garbage truck, paid a pot load for it and it has been worth every penny. The boys play with it all the time and it is very durable. Our 2 year old rides it like a ride on toy (right on top of the sticker that says not to let children ride it lol).

We also bought the same truck for the boys' nursery school and the teachers report that it is one of the more popular toys they have.

I wish we could have more Bruder trucks but we have a very small house and as you know, they're huge!

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I used to be about all wooden toys until DS was about 2.5 yrs old and PISSED off that they weren't realistic. If they can't do what a "real" one can do and don't work the same he won't play with them.

We're actually getting him that cement mixer for a reward. He won't poop in the potty at all even though he's been pee trained for over a year. So he has a BIG cement mixer chart and when he gets 6 stickers he gets the truck. I found it for 45.00 on amazon.

If trucks are something your sons going to totally be into, you're probably going to have to give in on the plastic. And like pp have said, Bruder makes AWESOME toys.

My biggest compromise was WOW trucks. They're made in China AND plastic. But we have 5 or 6 of them and we've had them for 2 years and they are indestructible. Whether beaten with a skate board, pushed off slides, thrown off play structures, they're all still in perfect condition.
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HOLY CRAP! THAT THING IS HUGE! stupid me opened it when ds was looking...lucky he's 3 and won't remember....I couldn't spend the $...but dh would LOL
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Coming from a girl who LOVED hotwheels toys and model cars and trucks when I was kid, I love this toy and would seriously get it in an instant. It looks well made, durable and I think it will end up being a favorite for years. I still have my hotwheels collection 20 years later (I'm 26). Also, while we are on the plastic subject, I have a model horse collection that is plastic and very realistic from when I was little as well. There's no way it could be the same if it were made out of anything different. I took great care of it when I was a kid and I can't wait until my kids are old enough so I can pass it down. My grandparents and I made a beautiful wooden stable for the whole lot and we painted it all up. It took us 2 days and it was such a good memory. Honestly one of my all time favorite toys. Some plastic toys are worth it IMO. So I say get it for him and feel good about your decision Maybe down the road you can help him 'build' a wooden ramp or garage for it outside or something.
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DS has his heart set on the red Bruder garbage truck. It is absolutely enormous (saw it Monday at a local store), but just totally cool, and does not make obnoxious noises like the equivelant Tonka trucks. It seemed really well made, and DS seems more excited about the manual controls than he was about the buttons you push to make the Tonka trucks make noise. So come Christmas morning, we will have one very happy little boy with one very big truck.
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I'd say get it. I don't like plastic toys either, but if he really loves it that much he will be so thrilled that he probably wouldn't mind getting fewer things as long as he got that. I still wish I had gotten an easy bake oven. heh.
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I'd never heard of Bruder before but my kids have seen them now and each want one.
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Ohmygosh, I WANT IT!!! I would have a hard time sharing it with DS!!

I think I found one of his Christmas presents. They have an excavator???!!! He would die!

I agree that it's super expensive, but it sounds like it's high quality.
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Originally Posted by Oliver'sMom View Post
He'll be 3 in February.

It really is a pretty truck. The price is what hits me hardest. I have seen it for around 45 bucks on amazon though...still a lot, but not quite as bad. If I did get it, that would probably be his only present...plus his stocking. I'm totally cool with that...quality over quantity. Hmmmm, I guess I'm answering this myself

Still, I'm open for suggestions!

Ha!! My ds wants the exact same one It has been on his wishlist for about 2 years. They have it at a nearby toy store and I have never been willing to fork out for the $90 price tag. It seems like a VERY nice, quality truck though!! I was just going to suggest you watch it on Amazon because I have seen it for some fantastic sale prices there. Santa is bringing my ds his first Bruder truck this year from Amazon. I considered the cement mixer but went with this one instead:


But even though the cement truck is huge, plastic, and all that jazz, I bet it will make for that super magical Christmas morning. Last year he was 3 and we were able to get the one toy ds wanted with all his heart from Santa. And I am so glad we pulled it off because he came down the stairs that morning convinced with every fiber that his spaceship was going to be under the tree.

The reviews on the Bruder trucks are fantastic too and big trucks are one of those toys that have a ton of staying power, if your ds is into them. We just went to a rummage sale where an 11 year old boy was selling his entire Tonka collection (very extensive) and the mom said that hands down those trucks, though pricey, were the toys that got played with extensively over a SEVEN YEAR period. From age 3 to 10. That is a great lifespan for a toy, IMO.
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When I was about you sons age I asked Santa for a dirt bike. My Grandpa game me a small box with dirt in it with a small toy dirt bike. I remember being upset at the time.... Now as an adult, that is one of my best memories of my Grandpa who passed away when I was 12. So depending on your sense of humor, give him a small red cement truck and tell him Santa did not know what size he wanted.
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I clicked the thread thinking it was going to be Grand Theft Auto or a plastic machine gun. That truck looks like a great toy, I'd get it for my kid in an instant if she wanted it.
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I think I just found my DS' dream gift for the holidays, but since I already have his big gift picked out I may wait till his birthday. I would get it if you can afford it, it looks like something that would be used a ton.
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I would get it for him. One plastic toy isn't going to hurt anything really.
I found it on amazon for 50.00 w/ free shipping BTW.
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THANK YOU for this thread! I know what my almost 4 year old is getting for his birthday next month! He LOVES, LOVES, LOVES cars and trucks and I know this will be totally up his ally.... given that we don't celebrate Christmas, I don't mind paying a bit more for his birthday present!
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