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I have a 7yoDS and a 5yoDD. Here is what they both like:
-Cabbage Patch Kids
-Little People (yes, both STILL!!)
-paper and crayons/paint (well really, any art supplies)

Unfortunately this stuff overtakes the house as other than the first two items, they have way to much of everything. They aren't getting much for Christmas.
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I don't think my kids have any toys that they don't use regularly. I don't think they have enough that they can really be that choosy .

Some of my almost 4 year old's faves:
  • Stuffed animals
  • Playsilks
  • Arts and crafts stuff, especially paint
  • Musical instruments
  • Balls
  • Her fairies and treehouse
  • Playfood and kitchen accessories (even more so than the play kitchen itself)
  • Blocks (apparently she is an oddball )
  • Dress ups
  • Legos
  • Cars
  • Playmobil 1-2-3 stuff
  • Her collection of what most people would consider junk that came from goodie bags, the dentist's "prize box," and Chick-fil-A kid's meals

Some of my recently turned one year old's faves:
  • His Uglydoll
  • Balls
  • Blocks
  • Yogurt containers
  • Musical instruments
  • My keys
  • Anything his sister, his dad, or I have
  • Anything he is not supposed to have

ETA - and they both LOVE their sand and water table
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Our big collection of various sets of sturdy wooden blocks (with all kinds of interesting pieces, shapes thrown in there) has gotten far and away the most use
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My boys are 3.75 and 6.75.
They love:
-stuffed animals
-Schleich (plastic) animals
-dress-up clothes
-outdoor stuff-- basketball hoop, balls of all types, bikes, scooters, sleds, rollerblades
-dollhouse (out of favor now, but was my oldest's favorite toy at 3)
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Just to spite me, DS spent all day yesterday playing with the stuff I put on his "doesn't play with much" list. Mostly his play kitchen and asking paint. LOL.
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Has stood the test of time for us... (DD5, DS3)

-Dress up clothes, blankets, assorted household items, laundry baskets
-Craft Supplies
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DS will be 3 in December

Toy blocks
Toy trains
Fridge magnets
Toy trains
Golf clubs and balls
Bouncing balls
Stacking cups
Hand drums
Paper towel rolls and empty soda bottles
Flashlight and glowsticks

At the toy store he loves:

Big wheels (or other ride-on toys)
Elmo Live
The toy you push that has popping balls
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Originally Posted by Smokering View Post
Heck, I do the same - I bought lovely heavy ceramic mixing bowls, but half the time I just grab the nasty plastic mixing bowl that came with our wedding-gift kitchen scales. Because it's easier and lighter and I'm phenomenally lazy.
OMG, this SO hits the nail on the head for me! My heavy mixing bowls are beautiful too, but just thinking about having to lug them out, wrestle them in the dishwasher, and put them away again... I always reach for the plastic ones too! I also blame it on my own laziness.

I think you're on to something about the weight of wooden toys for little ones... if they are hard to lift, they aren't going to be played with very much.
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My DD plays with all of her stuff, even mixing different types of toys, like painting her myponies or attacking her schleick model animals with her fathers old jurassic park dinosaurs. And she has way too much stuff. My MIL and my DHs grandmother do garage sales and my DH kept all his dinosaurs and star-trek toys. Oh, the schleick model animals love riding in the back of the shuttle craft when they're not hanging around the geotrax train and tracks.

Outside we have balls, a sandbox, basketball hoop, bike and lots of leaves.
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DD is almost 4. She rarely plays with her toys and she has a ton of them. She does play with these things:

wooden puzzles
art supplies
little people
board games
floor puzzles
magna doodle

From 2-3 she played with:

play kitchen
wooden blocks
wooden instruments
wooden trainset
aqua doodle
leap pad
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subbing to a fabulous thread so I can come back and post as well.

I will say in the meantime that this thread has helped me to choose a better toy from my return/exhange with Magic Cabin. all of a sudden all those "cool" wow gotta have em's have a different appeal (or not)
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Great thread!

My DD is 2.5
--- arts & crafts (scissors, glue, painting etc.)
--- imaginarium train set
--- various puzzles
--- ballet music, tutu, slippers etc...
--- wooden barn with animals
--- Cranium bingo game
--- wooden kitchen & accessories DH built
--- Polly Pocket
--- Books
--- Flashlights
--- Wooden Blocks
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DS is 2.5
wooden puzzles
maracas/tambourine/keyboard/bells/drums - if it makes music, he's there
shape sorter (both the easy baby one and the harder 4 sided wooden one)
fridge letters
play food
little people figures (we have the barn, the dollhouse, an airplane, and a Christmastime-only nativity set)

Not so much into (but still pulls out occasionally)
dolls and stuffed animals
train set
blocks (duplos or wooden)
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Toddler trampoline. She's worn out one (DH repaired it 3 times and then it just fell apart) and she just got a new one as a gift.
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Ever since he was about 5, Dylan has consistantly asked for one thing for Christmas and birthday--Legos/Bionicles. He doesn't care what sets or characters he gets. He is just as happy with duplicates instead of all different sets. He wants the parts the sets contain. He will build the set as pictured only once. Then he will start "improving" it and go one to building originals. One year, that's all he got for Christmas. I think it was something like 13 Bionicle sets. He was thrilled.
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Well - my son is four and for the past year he has mostly only played with his Brio trains. This now include a nice collection of Thomas ones. But yeah...I am surprised how many hours of his day ...everyday...he still plays with these things! hehe
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My 14 month old son likes
bead maze
wooden cars, trucks, train (anything with wheels)
thugs that make noise (books with music, puzzles that make noise)
empty cardboard tubes
pots, pans, things to make noise with
broom (he "sweeps" with his mini broom)
little tykes lawnmower to push outside
anything that's not supposed to be a toy (my phone, he adores my iPod touch-I have tons of apps on for him)
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My 15 mth old loves:
Wooden blocks
wooden shape sorter (though she can't shape sort yet)
Pull and push toys - one that looks like a wooden lawn aerator from ikea and a pull wooden hedgehog
A big plastic megablocks truck (this has been a fave from about 9 mths)
A fisher price telephone that makes noise - her only 'noisy' toy. She loves it
Wooden puzzles
Wooden cars - they are small enough not to be too heavy for her.
Plastic nesting/stacking cups - these were a fave from 5-12 mths and she still likes them! The best gift ever!
Toy glockenspiel/keyboard combo
Stuffed duck and teddy

We have a mix of plastic and wood toys, though I prefer wood as it's harder for them to be broken/shatter. She's not yet interested in the Waldorf doll I made her.
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DS1 is 3.5 and plays with:

Wooden train set
Matchbox cars
Larger plastic firetruck and bulldozer
Step2 rocking horse
playdough/ cookie cutters/ rolling pin
wooden puzzles
Our piano
A gloworm that is his "baby"

He's also really into making tents/ houses with boxes, blankets, tables and chairs.

DS2 is 26 months and plays with:

Wooden train set
Wooden stacking ring
Mega Bloks
Step2 rocking horse
Mr Potato Head
Little People farm
Our Piano
Wooden puzzles

Niether boys plays/played with:

The nice set of wooden blocks we have.
Most of the stuffed animals (we have a toy box full that have been gifted to us over the years.
Our hand/finger puppet collection
The wooden school bus or airplane.
The wood and metal bead chase.
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My 7 year old basically plays with her bryer horses and a pet vet kit she received for Christmas last year or her doll house she is gettign into real board games games and of course loves doing art.. With friends she'll get out her barbies and little pet shop toys. The marble run we got her several years ago stil gets good use as in an old "thomas the train set" she got as a hand me down gift. and she loves her bike and scooter and would probably rather be outside with those than indoors.

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