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Sean is here!

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Sean was born on October 12th at 7:09pm after being induced. I was 40 weeks + 4 days. Amazing since I had a cerclage put in at 13 weeks, 4 months of bed rest, HG, and PTL. I thought and my doctors thought he would come mid-September. Between the scar tissue from the cerclage and my body not producing enough hormones to keep labor going I was induced. Labor ended up being 10 hours and most of it back labor. Sean decided he wanted to be born sunny side up. With my first dd, same thing only she turned so although I had back labor, pushing didn't take long or make me feel like my back was being torn in half. He didn't turn and it took me 3 hours to push him out. There were times when I tried to escape the pain by trying to run from the room. My dh and the nurses kept me from doing that. Later my dh asked me where was I going to go. I don't know, I just was in so much pain, I thought I could outrun it somehow. Somehow I got through it with no pain meds, no C-section and our son was born. He had the cord around his neck and he was also holding it like a security blanket Thankfully it wasn't tight and all he needed was a few minutes of oxygen. I had a couple of tears and my tailbone is bruised.
I was worried about weight because of the HG, but he ended up being 7 lbs. 14 oz.

We're working on the breastfeeding. Finding our way together. I'm just so happy and grateful he's finally here. Long road for us, but so worth it.
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Congrats!!!! And good luck on the breast feeding.
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Congratulations! My 3rd was born completely posterior. It was a shock to go from 2 pushes with my 2nd to pushing 4 hours with my third. Rest well stay down and heal. It took me forever to heal with #3 and I didn't even tear.
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sorry to hear about the back labor - it's miserable! Enjoy your babymoon.
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oh congratulations amanda!!! i was wondering about you and whether you had gotten the induction or not. so glad sean is earthside and safe in your arms. hugs, mama!!!
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Glad both of you are safe and healthy..congratulations.
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Congratulations! I think you are incredible for doing all that with no medication! This time was my most painful labor, but it wasn't back labor. I always hear about how bad that is, and I can't even imagine worse pain than a normal labor.

My DD was born with the cord around her neck too, wrapped twice. I always thought it was a bigger deal, but the MW was just like "oh, she has the cord around her neck" and they unwrapped it once she was out.
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CONGRATULATIONS! (haha, I just accidentally typed "contractions!" instead! LOL)

You did amazingly, I am impressed!

We had our babies on the same day!

Enjoy your babymoon.
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Welcome Earthside Sean!
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Congratulations! You are a champion, mama!
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huge congrats!!!
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