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Ezra Kohen is here!! Born 10.11.09

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Hey there!! I just wanted to say we had our 3rd son....and our 1st home birth!! It was amazing! I will post details later! I know I haven't posted that often but I lurked at least once a day and just wanted to say thanks for sharing all your wisdom, your experiences and all the wealth of info! You gals are great!

......I don't know how to add pictures to this......
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Congrats on your homebirth!!
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So beautiful! Ezra was on my short list as well. Love the name.
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Congrats! He's a doll. I like his name too.
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He's precious--love the black and white pics. Congratulations!
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What a beautiful baby boy...congrats.
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Wow, he's soooooo cute!! CONGRATULATIONS to you!
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Welcome Earthside Ezra!
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Congratulations! What a little sweetie pie he is!!
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Ezras' birth in a nutshell....

So I finally understand the ladies that talk about prodromal labor..... I was "sure" that I was going to give birth WEEKS ago. However, Sunday the 11th at 6:35 I woke up and went pee. When I wiped it was tinged with blood!! Whoo Hoo! I was stoked. I had been having a couple contractions through out the night, but that was nothing new. I tried to lay down, but I was just so excited I decided to go for a walk instead. I called my midwife just to let her know. I was crampy, but it wasn't anything too intense. I was a little nervous because my first son was a four hour labor, and my second was one and a half hours, so I was really wondering how quickly things were going to progress. After my walk I ate some oatmeal and cleaned my bathrooms made sure the boys had some movies to watch....then I decided to lay down and rest. (my husband was working) I slept for about 3 hours waking up with slight cramping. I started to time them around 12:30 and they were staying around 20-30 minutes apart. After DH got home from work (he brought me an apple cider and it was a beautiful rainy fall day....love. ) We just kind of hung out. I started a chicken in the crock pot for soup later, DH worked out, and all the while I would say "TIME" and that was his clue to write down the time for the contractions I was having. I just couldn't sit down and rest, it seemed to make them more painful just waiting for the next one to come. So I continued cooking and cleaning a little...read to the boys and by this time it was about 7pm. I decided to go lay down while DH put the boys to bed. It was a total God thing that they went fast to sleep early!! They never do that! We layed in bed and tried to watch Hulu and by this time it was 8pm. Contractions were intense! 8 minutes apart...I was moaning. I called my midwife to let her know they were really strong and she said she was going to head over. (she only lives 10 minutes away) Well, I got off the phone with her and got up to go to the bathroom...I had to poop! Well once I got on the toliet my contractions came one right after another...literally, no break in between. DH was calling my sister in law to come over and help thinking there is plenty of time. She lives really close too. And as I am having crazy contractions my water breaks. I yell out to my Dh " MY WATERS JUST BROKE" He comes running into the bathroom grabs some towels and trys to get me to come off the toliet--I couldn't. I couldn't move. I was in a different world it seemed. I could feel the head crowning and out it came. There was such relief I was able to stand up at that point, I had my hand on myself and I felt my labia tear all the way up. It was painful, but also brought relief, like it made room for the shoulders (I tore there with both boys too) DH was on his knees ready to catch and I had my hand on the head and I think I said "ok, here comes the body, get ready, here it comes, catch it!" and with the next contraction out slid our baby boy. DH brought him up to my chest. I couldn't move. From the time my water broke until he was born was about 2 minutes. I just started to laugh and rub him and talk to him. He was so pink, no vernix, absolutely perfect. I asked my husband to call the midwife, she was out in the parking lot. I think she and my SIL came in around the same time. I was still standing in the bathroom holding our little Ezra. I felt glued to the floor. It was awesome!!! My midwife helped me to the bed, but before I could sit down the placenta was ready to come. So I delivered that standing up leaning against the bed.
I still laugh about the whole thing. It just happened to quickly. I went from contractions 8-10 minutes apart to giving birth just minutes later! Wow our bodies are amazing.
I yelled through some of the last contractions and our boys stayed asleep! That was a miracle too. We woke them up to meet Ezra and to have a little science with seeing the placenta and how it works and the cutting of the cord. Precious.
Then after the Midwife stitched me up, I showered and got all snug in bed with our perfectly plump baby. I am in awe. I am overcome with how much I love life, how our bodies can make life and how God gives life. We are blessed beyond reason.
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Welcome baby Ezra! Congratulations!
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