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i want to look gay again...

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now that i'm 7 months pregnant it's getting more and more frustrating to find clothes i like to wear. slacks and a button down are fine - but all the shirts i've found have that empire waist! lesbian invisibility is one thing - but pregnant lesbian invisibility is another thing all together. i'm *this close* to shaving my head. any tips? getting dressed in the morning makes me want to cry.
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whoabethy, your question really piqued my interest! i hadn't really thought about it... i mean, i have thought about it, but never really thought of a solution yet. i did a quick yahoo seach and this is what i found. maybe not really what you are looking for but perhaps just a start to what you could find.
good luck!

ps. i also just read that old navy has a decent (not as girly) maternity selection.
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Oh that's a bummer that you are feeling invisible. I didn't even think about that happening.

How about piercing your eyebrow?

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Shave your head! I love shaved heads!

Wait, that probably wasn't the answer you wanted, was it?
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My head was shaved when I was pregnant. See?
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2happymamas - that pic is great! i think i might go for it!
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Shaved heads are hot!

But yes, I've also heard Old Navy is the place to go for less super-femmy maternity clothes.
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Originally Posted by 2happymamas View Post
My head was shaved when I was pregnant. See?
That is a beautiful picture I like the shaved head idea !
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2happymamas -- I LOVE that picture! Two happy mamas indeed, so sweet. Thanks for sharing.

OP: pregnant lesbians are the coolest - hope you find clothes that you feel good in, because you deserve it.
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One other thought, what about wearing more non-maternity clothing to maintain your sense of fashion? I found lots of things at the stores I liked that were not maternity but with things like the Belly Hugger or long maternity tanks, I could get away with stretching non-maternity shirts over the belly or wearing non-maternity skirts or pants low. I liked this better also because I could wear these things after without feeling like I was in maternity shirts. A couple of cool t-shirts in bigger sizes could go a long way.

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I have scoured the thrift stores. My favorite combo right now is maternity jeans with a big baggy dress shirts. Of course then you find that you look butch as hell but people just think you have a beer gut! and I want people to know I'm pregnant damn it!! Guess thats why I touch my belly so much...
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