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unplanned homebirth (VBAC)

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A little background: DS1- "emergency" c/s after I stalled at 7cm (15 hour labor). I think it was because I was flat on my back.. epidural.
DS2- VBAC- but pressured for c/s up until a few minutes before delivery, and Dr did unneccessary episiotomy and forcepped him out on the 2nd push(13 hour labor)!
So this time I hired a doula.. I had a lot of negative feelings about birth, and was very apprehensive about going to the hospital.

10/9/09.. my due date..
My mom had decided to come up to visit and just stay the weekend since the baby was due.. and Friday was my Dad's birthday (he passed in 1997) and she would rather be with family than alone with her memories....

So.. Nothing was going on, except LOTS of movement..
I went to bed at around 11.
Couldn't get to sleep. Backache... was just feeling uncomfortable.
11:45.. thought I felt a pop.. almost like a gas bubble.
Went to the bathroom... small trickle... was that my water?
Then a ctx... mild. but a little gush with it. another ctx 9 min later. I got up, started to look for the last couple things to throw in my hospital bag.
Woke Jeff up.. told him I thought my water broke.. but it would probably be awhile.

found a ctx timer online.. 9 min, 5 min, 3 min, WTH?

At this point they were getting painful. I called my doula.. told her to start getting ready... Things were getting painful, and I would meet her at the hospital. That was at 12:55pm.

I got in the shower. The hot water felt good. I didn't want to get out. The contractions started to come on top of each other, and I was making noise to get through them.

Jeff came in.. said you have to get out, we have to get to the hospital! I turned off the water and tried to get out.. another ctx, I turned the water back on.

He made me get out after the ctx, and threw my nightgown over my head.

I was telling him I didn't think I could get through the 15 min car ride to the hospital with these ctx.. I couldn't imagine sitting through them. They were intense! I would lean against the wall and sway through them.

So he gets me outside.. it's about 1:30 at this point. I'm in my nightgown and slippers.

I get to the side of the car and have a MONSTER contraction! It brings me to my knees in the grass beside the driveway...
Jeff says I screemed.. my mom heard me inside the house!
I thought I felt her crowning.. I reached under my nightgown and I could feel her head!!!! I yelled to Jeff- Call 911!! She is crowning!!!!
Jeff got me back in the house.. maybe 3 steps inside the door. I dropped the towel I was carrying (I was going to put it on the seat of the car) and knelt on the floor, got on all fours and my body just took over. I was pushing her out.
She was out 5 min later, (1:35am 10/10/09) the ambulance arrived a minute later. Jeff was kneeling behind me holding the baby, still attatched when they got there. My mom ran outside and brought the paramedics to me. They cut the cord, suctioned the baby, and got us in the ambulance.

Thank goodness mom was at the house! The boys slept through the whole thing!

When we got in the ambulance Jeff called the doula and told her nevermind, baby is already here. She was on the road, but hadn't gotten to the hospital yet.

So... I got this amazing unplanned homebirth. I get to the hospital.. the darn placenta would Not detatch!
The hospital was CRAZY! They had so many women laboring I got a resident. I had to wait through 3 hours of ctx while the Dr's were busy with C/S, before they gave me a sedative, and had to manually detatch it. Apparently the placenta adhered to my old CS scar.. oh, well.
I think we were there for a couple hours before they even gave me the babys stats.

6lbs 1 oz
18 1/4"
She is SO tiny!

Then it took us maybe 12 hours to pick her name.

We went with Ashlee Theresa

-Marie mom to David 2/1/03, Andrew 2/13/06, and Ashlee 10/10/09
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Congrats! Might want to plan a homebirth next time, maybe? Sometimes placentas do take a couple of hours to detach...enjoy your babymoon! Sounds like you did a great job!
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Wow, what a great story! Thank you so much for sharing it!

Congrats to you and your family!!!
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This is the HBAC (ubac secretly ) I am hoping to have as well! hehe - Well done hun! Could have been interesting if she were born on the grass - my dh says I have to 'do it outside'...says it will be 'April' - it will be 'lovely'... *eye roll .... hes so supportive lol
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That's quite a story, CONGRATS!!!!!
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Wow! What an exciting story. I am glad you had a positive result, although I'm sure laboring to get the placenta out was unpleasant. It's so amazing how our bodies take over!
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