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coconut oil?

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Can someone please explain the benefits of including coconut oil in a diet/wellness regimen. How do you cook with it and keep the healing benefits?

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there are lots and lots of posts on the benefits, but in terms of cooking you just need to let it sit at room temp so that it turns into oil. i use it on chicken, pancakes, everything. i even put a few drops in DD's sippy.
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I've had this book (see link) for years and its great. Amazing what CO is all good for.
I go thru stages where I consume more CO. I put a tblsp in our oatmeal or some in OJ. Also, make coconut peanut butter balls which are so delicous. I need to get some peanut butter to make these again. You can use it to fry anything. Also, great to use as a moisturizer and some even use it as a deodorant. I love coconut oil.

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I use it as an antifungal to help with my candida problems. I also use it on my skin and in my homemade deoderant. I use it in stir fries or melt it in my hot tea. Sometimes, I eat it straight out of the jar. I love the taste. I get Nutiva brand.

Here are some articles and links from my favorite candida healing website.http://www.healingnaturallybybee.com.../menu3_3_2.php This lady is a wealth of information.
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In Nourishing Traditions it states C O includes lauric acid -a 12 carbon saturated fatty acid which improves prostaglandin production and enhances the immune system.
AIDS pts and immunocompromised people should consume 20-25 grams of it daily -12 grams are in approx .2 tablespoons of coconut oil or 3 T creamed coconut .
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I just bought a jar of coconut oil, and I LOVE it! It is delicious straight out of the jar, plain! Add it to smoothies, dips, hot tea, warm food, etc. You can add it to anything.
I also use it as a facial moisturizer every night.
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Cooking doesn't seem to affect its beneficial qualities. I take a spoonful in whatever hot drink I'm drinking. It's rarely a liquid for me up here in the rainy NW.

I just ordered 5 gallons of it. Good stuff!
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where did you order it from?
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I buy mine in the grocery store in the natural foods aisle. It is pricey, but a little goes a long way. We use CO for everything. From a topical scar cream (my moms age spots have almost completely disappeared) to making popcorn, we use it all the time!

I see someone else recommended The Coconut Oil Miracle. That is a great book! I highly recommend it also.
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I buy mine from Wilderness Family Naturals online. They have tons of great stuff. I use Coconut Oil in lots of ways. We add it to our smoothies. We cook eggs in it, hashbrowns too. I pour warm water over it, add a bit of honey and have my kids drink their "oil drink" each morning. I also use it as a lip balm and to help with diaper rash. I even had my son rub some in his eyes when we thought he might have pink eye. They were blood shot and the boy next to him in class had had it so we did that twice and he never got worse. It's wonderful!
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Originally Posted by SuburbanHippie View Post
I buy mine in the grocery store in the natural foods aisle. It is pricey, but a little goes a long way. We use CO for everything. From a topical scar cream (my moms age spots have almost completely disappeared) to making popcorn, we use it all the time!

I see someone else recommended The Coconut Oil Miracle. That is a great book! I highly recommend it also.
I had no idea it helped age spots. I'll have to start using it. Noticed one the other day.
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I use it for making pancakes and waffles instead of vegetable oil or butter. It's awesome!
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I think I bought mine from iherb last time. They have good prices. So does Amazon.
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Good for thyroid function as well!
I eat it right off the spoon. Crave th estuff. I put it in my lo's smoothies.
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This is an old thread, but I'm reviving it because I just discovered coconut oil!  I LOVE it.  I use it to wash my face.  I slather it on (a little bit goes a LONG way) and then use a hot washcloth to wipe it off.  There's a little bit left behind, just enough to moisturize without being too greasy.  I also eat 1 tsp daily, straight out of the jar.  Sometimes more because it's yummy!


My skin has cleared up (I have mild acne) in the three days I've been using it.  My old acne scars have lightened dramatically as well.  I've tried just about everything to get rid of my acne and nothing has worked so effectively!  :D 

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I love it for thrush! I've dealt with thrush every SINGLE day since my first was born 9 years ago. I'm working on my internal yeast issues, too, but every time I get a flare-up I swipe some on my nips and it goes right away. Seriously in hours. And I use it on the resultant diaper rash, also and it goes just as quickly on the babe. And I've been using it on 2yods eczema on his cheeks and it helps there, too.

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I use it for cooking and as a moisturizer.  I used it on my DS yeast rash mixed with tea tree oil.  I didn't know it was good for scars - I think I'll try putting it on my stretch marks and see if that helps 'em.

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We cook with it, too. Mostly, we use it with eggs and salmon patties or other high temp frying where olive oil isn't the best choice. I also like it in place of butter on toast and bagels and such, but the rest of the family isn't into it like that. I also eat a spoonful here and there.


I actually started with eating it straight off the spoon for a dental problem (gum infection) and for oil-pulling and as a facial moisturizer. Oil-pulling was way too intense with VCO for me. I switched to sesame oil and like it MUCH better for this purpose. The VCO did wonders for my gum abscess, which has completely healed. I did a few things for it, so I cannot say it was 100% the VCO.


I absolutely ADORE VCO for the skin!!! I use it daily as an all-over facial moisturizer (just half a nail scraping works beautifully for my normal skin). I rub the excess into my finger nails, which has dramatically improved my cuticle health. No more hang nails and dry, cracked cuticles!!! It is a wonderful lip balm, too, but doesn't last particularly long topically. I bet it still does subtle work, though, because I use it less often than official lip balms with better results. I have also used it for scratches/scars after the initial treatment with calendula ointment and/or my own homemade first aid oil. VCO also works nicely for my homemade salves in the cooler months. It thickens up any oil mix I make due to its unique temperature-sensitive consistency.


I purchased my first jar at the hfs. Expensive.


I got the next four jars through amazon on various deals. Significant savings.


I keep the main jar in the kitchen for cooking / eating purposes. As soon as I open it, though, I fill a few small clean jars with some for topical use. I keep these in our master bedroom.


BTW, it makes a great personal lubricant, as well. Just know that it is not compatible with latex condoms. Any oil will break down the latex and could result in unwanted pregnancy or other such things one uses condoms for... Aloe vera gel is compatible with condoms and is also a great personal lubricant, at least the Aloe Life brand is.

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Inspired by someone else's suggestion to me to try coconut liquid aminos in place of soy sauce I found many different coconut products. http://www.iherb.com/Coconut-Secret-Raw-Coconut-Nectar-Low-Glycemic-Sweetener-12-fl-oz-355-ml/24095?at=0 I'm a little excited about this after learning that agave isn't any better for you than corn syrup, and thus eliminating my sub for corn syrup. Does anyone know of any negative to this, or can I remain excited?

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I love coconut oil! We use it in cooking, smoothies sometimes and I also put some on dd's bottom where she has eczema and it works quite well to clear that up. After reading this thread I'm interested in using it in more ways!

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