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A neat tidbit about height

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Take your two-year old's height, double it, and you'll have their adult height, give or take an inch. (From a 47 year-old Reader's Digest.) DD is about 34" at 23 months & DH & I are both around 68" - sounds right to me!
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Really? DD may be 4-5 inches shorter than me if that's true! I guess some of the women on DH's side are shorter.... Hmmm...
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Interesting, I'll have to write this down and hopefully remember to come back and check it when she's an adult.
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78 seems awfully tall to me, but I know my SILs are super tall (one is over 6'). But I'd really be shocked if DD was 6'6"

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Well DD's not quite 2 yet (21 months) but she's already just under 36" which would make her 6' when fully grown!! Then, I guess, my grandma was 6' too!
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HA - in that case, my DS was 37 inches at his 2 year check up, so that'll put him at 74 inches (6'4"). Sounds about right. Most of the men on both sides are 6' + more closer to 6'2". I knew at some point he would be towering over his mama!
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Um, that would make William 6'5. Taller than anyone on either side of the family for some time, especially as the tallest is right at 6'1. He turned two two weeks ago.

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That would have made my 15yo be about 4 foot 10. She's now my height (5 foot 5). I hope it's not true for dd2 either!
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Goodness, that would leave my dd at about 4' 8". I think she's likely to be a bit taller than that, though I wouldn't be surprised if she ends up at about 5' - 5'2".
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DS would be about 5'8, which is possible, as DH is around 5'10 and I am 5'5. We don't have tall people on either side of the family.
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My Mom did this with my brother & I. We were both 3' at 2 & as adults I'm 5'9" & he is 6'3". So it's accurate give or take 3"?
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That would make my son 5' 6"....

It WAS true for me! My current height is double my height at 2 years!
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Lol, sounds like things have changed a bit since 1962, the date of the article where I got that info.
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Yeah, I was told that when I was kid. Seems I was 33" tall at 2 years old, and that I should expect to be 5'6" as an adult. I'm about 5'2"...
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Hmm, that means DD would be 68" and that sounds short for our family...
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I've read that too, but "two" is a rather imprecise age. Just-turned-two and nearly-three could have several inches of height difference between them.
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Funny... My baby book says I was 36" at two yrs and I am exactly 6' tall as an adult. Right on the money. My DH is 6'5" and DS was 31" at 9 mo. We'll see how tall he'll be at two!
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My pediatrician told me this when my kids were small. He said you use age 2 for boys but 18 months for girls. So far, it is spot on for us. My oldest is now 18 and he was predicted to be 5'11" and he is exactly that. DS #2 is now 15 , he is predicted to be 6'2". He is 6" now but recently had an MRI on his leg (football injury) and the doctor pointed out the growth plate and said he still has 2-3 inches left to grow. DS #3 is only 12, but he is predicted to be 6'3" ...I bet he'll be close to that.
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