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My son now has an outfit with the slogan....

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"Intact and Lovin' It!" on it!!

Thanks to Keri at Granola Threads for making the custom order for me!!

It's a little big on him, and I can't wait until he grows into it!

And I have one bumper sticker with my sig slogan on it, and another one that says "Stopcirc.com"

I love being an intactivist!
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LOL! That's great! I know he will be wearing in in good health and with pride! Good for you mama!

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We need more mamas like you and everyone else on this board!
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Cool. If I had a boy thats a slogan I would feel comfortable with him wearing.
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Hi there
I'm the maker of the shirt Thanks Julie
I hope I am not breaking any rules by posting this.
I have had several requests for anti-circ slogans but had yet to put one on my site (though I am happy to custom stitch) because I honestly worry about offending people. I don't believe in circ myself but I am a struggling business person y'know?
So, I posted a questionaire on another bulletin board asking if people would be offended by the slogans I am considering and it turned into this big bru-ha-ha and people telling me that they wouldn't sell something that would bring attention to a childs genetalia and implied that I would be liable if a predator took interest in a child because he was wearing one of my shirts
I feel like I have to cater to 'my people' but don't want to rule out the general public either. Does any of this make sense?
I guess I'm still trying to decide if I follow my heart or try to keep everyone happy with regards to my business.

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Similar items are available on a good many sites on the web. You will certainly not be the first though it appears yours are a little nicer and are embroidered. All of the rest I know of are silkscreened. I applaud you for providing this information.

You are not breaking any rules that I know of.

Why should you worry about offending anyone who supports harming a child? Would you worry about a slogan that spoke against female circumcision? Isn't male circumcision in America the same thing? The only difference is who it is done to and the location. Isn't speaking out against one and not speaking out against the other sexist?

The Brou Ha Ha on the other site is because they don't want you saying that they have done anything wrong. They don't want anyone to think they made a decision for purely superflourous reasons that altered the genitals of their child and caused him pain and suffering. They want to scare you to shut you up. You have The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Medical Association as well as every other medical association in the world to back you up. What do they have to back them up? Nothing! The liability issue is a joke! You would have no liability in echoing the stance of every medical assoociation in the world. Again, a scare tactic to take your voice away and to intimidate you to not speak up against what they know is wrong.

2004 will be the first year since WWII that intact boys are in the majority so the tables have been turned on them. Providing this product will have little or no effect on your business. I can guarantee you that you will sell more shirts with a message against circumcision than shirts that proclaim "I cut my son's genitals for stupid reasons."

Do what your morals and ethics tell you is right and don't let anyone sway you. I can tell you after almost 40 years in the business world that people do business with companies they respect. That respect is earned by moral, ethical and honest business practices. Follow your heart and you will do well.

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Hi Keri!

I thought perhaps you were a MDC mama but I wasn't sure!

I think you'd only be breaking the rules if you posted a link to your site, which you haven't done. I'm sure anyone interested in your work can PM you, though, right?

I really love the slogan "Intact and Lovin' It!" because it is positive and doesn't specifically mention any genitalia. Plus, it will get people asking questions.

Off topic, but not really-- I think one reason that circ has continued to go on is that it is taboo to discuss sexual parts. So, in our messed up society, it's ok to chop off body parts, but not discuss those same parts! And, of course, better chop it in the first few days of life, before we realize that the newborn is fully human. :

Anyway, I have searched the web for intact-advocacy clothing or bumper stickers, and couldn't find any. (And I have seen threads here asking for advocacy stuff go unanswered.) So, I finally had to custom order an outfit for my son and some bumper stickers. So, I think you'd really be filling a niche in the AP market if you add intact-advocacy clothing to your line. Just my 2 cents!

Thanks again! I'll have to send you a picture when he grows into the outfit (it's just a little big on him now.)
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Originally posted by mattemma04
How much was it? I know I would like something for me and the kids.I was even considering participating this year in the genital integrity awareness week,but I don't see any mention of it for this year(april).
PS. Contact Marilyn Milos at www.nocirc.org

Genital Integrity Awareness week will be held again this year in April.
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Well, I don't have a picture yet, but I could have my dh take a digital picture and then I could send it to you. (May take him a little while, though.)

Also PM Kerikadi for the cost. It depends on what you buy--a T-shirt, a union suit, etc. I got a nice warm fleece union suit for $22.00

PS. One of these years I'm making it to GIAW, as well! (When my kids are older so they'll be able to remember going there.)
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I like the idea! I wouldn't have a problem with one of my boys wearing it.
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I made my son a shirt that says
"10 out of 10 babies oppose circumcision.
shouldn't you?"

On the back it says 'www.nocirc.org'.

I found the slogan online but I couldnt' find it on a shirt, so I made it at Cafepress and bought it myself.
He's wearing it to a pagan convention we're working at this weekend, and I hope people ask me about it so I can talk to them and hopefully plant the seed of change in someone's head!

I should find all my anti-circ info and make some copies to give to people who ask.

I'll post a picture of the tshirt later.
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