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I am moving to Hawaii!!

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Hello all,
My family and I will be moving to the BI in 2 weeks. I just wanted to introduce myself and make some friends before I go. We are a natural living, breast feeding, no vax, homebirth, family bed, home schooling, cloth diaper kinda family. I am also a homebirth midwife, my children are 6,4, and 2. See you soon!!!
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Congrats on your move

We only have a few BI Mamas on here so be patient....
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where on the big island? we live in south kona
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We are moving to the Puna area.
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i can't be much help then, sorry, good luck.
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How exciting. Hope the move goes well.


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curse you BI.. wanna be my midwife? lol
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Welcome to the jungle.
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