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I enjoyed your heartwarming story. It reminds me to treasure these years that will speed by so fast. Is it true that each year goes faster than the one before?
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Mama, you are an inspiration and your story brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing.

Happy birthday to your sweet baby that is now a man.
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Congrats, you both sound like amazing people.

I guess I needed a good cry...sniff.
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Beautiful, wonderful - made me cry too, happy birthday to you both.
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thank you for sharing this. tears here too!

and yay to tour grandmum for speaking the truth!
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That was...wow! Thank you so much for writing such a beautiful post.

Happy birthday! Congratulations Momma!
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Wow. Tears. Congrats to you both
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I'm kind of speechless, that was beautifully written, thank so much for sharing your story Happy birthday to your son. You are a strong woman!!!
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Beautiful way to start the day here--thank you!
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what a wonderful triumphant story!
thank you for sharing and I am so glad to have read this.
what a great way to start my morning!!
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Oh my gosh, you have me in tears! Happy Birthday to your son and mama, you did great.
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Beautiful..thank you. you bring me hope.

Hapy birthday to your son and congratulations on "making" it.
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OH mama...blessings to you and your boys...many hugs and CONGRATULATIONS for more than making it...for absolutely triumphing and raising a happy kid who will go on to brighten so many lives through the years...I;m so happy for you, thank you so much for your words!
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Lovely, thanks so much for sharing!

Happy Birthday to your son!

Happy birthing day to you, congratulations!

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You are an amazing mama. Thank you for sharing.
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Your story made me cry- it was beautiful. It sounds like you did an amazing job raising your son. Happy birthday to you both.
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Happy birthday to your son!
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That is beautiful.
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beautifully written. Happy Birthday to your son!
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You made me ugly cry!

Congratulations on a job well done (with your son, not making me cry)
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