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yeast diaper rash combined with possible dairy allergy...

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My son has had an off-and-on diaper rash for a couple weeks. It came with these green, yucky, runny, smelly poops so I assumed it was due to teething (which it could have been). But then it progressed into a cold, and then a double ear infection. So now he is on antibiotics for his ears, and his bum is getting redder and redder and not responding to Desitin, etc. so I am guessing yeast. So we got some lotrimin and that seems to be helping.

but i don't know what caused the rash to begin with. it started just as a ring around his anus so I am guessing food allergy, but i don't know what to (i'm a bad mom and i didn't wait three days between introducing new foods). lesson learned. so i am thinking i will take him off solids completely for 3 weeks and see if that helps the rash and helps the green poops.

but some little voice, some gut instinct, tells me he has a dairy allergy. he got a diaper rash when he was like a week old because we had to supplement with formula (long story), i drank a TON of milk while i was pregnant (thanks, Brewer diet!) and still enjoy and consume a great deal of dairy. but i am thinking that his poor red bum is a big sign that i really need to give up my nightly bowl of ice cream.

but because the rash is also yeasty, i am thinking i need to cut back a great deal on the amount of sugar and carbs i eat.

so my question is...if i cut out dairy AND whey AND casein and whatnot PLUS bread, sugar, etc....what CAN i eat??? i am looking in my fridge kind of wondering....

veggies and meat, eh? with water to drink?

i'm not really all that excited about that prospect, if i am honest. i like cheese and ice cream and milk and cream in my coffee. i like bread and apple cider and other sweet stuff. but i know i should give it up for my little boy...

tell me though, what exciting foods can i eat?
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If he's got a yeast rash (most likely due to abx), but you don't have it on your nipples etc, then I wouldn't say you have to give up yeast products. Eliminating dairy, if you feel it's a likely source of intolerance/allergy, is your best bet. It's really hard (I know, BTDT, twice), but worth it if you see major improvement. But if he doesn't seem to have other symptoms (gas, colic, reflux, skin symptoms, etc), then I don't know--I wouldn't stress about it too much, esp since the rash you've seen lately is mostly likely due to his cold or teething. Soy or rice icecream aren't bad, actually, and soymilk (if he's not also sensitive to soy) is a decent alternative to milk in coffee etc.

To get rid of his yeast, give him loads of probiotics, add apple cider vinegar to his bathwater, and olive (etc) oil with tea tree oil makes a great anti-fungal diaper swab (just a couple drops TTO, though: it's strong stuff). You can sprinkle probiotics directly on the rash, too. Coconut oil in his food (if he's old enough) is a good antifungal and gut healer as well. You can take probiotics too, and he'll get some benefit.

If he's CD'd, wash the diapers in really hot water with vinegar or TTO added to the rinse cycles.
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awesome, thanks! yeah i don't know about the dairy allergy...it's so hard to tell, and like you said, he doesn't really have any other symptoms, no ezcema, no colic when he was wee, etc. just the "allergy ring" on his bum.

we put lotrimin on his bum last night and it looks MUCH better this morning, so i'm pretty sure it was the yeast that was bugging him.

thanks so much for your reply!
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