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She's Back

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AF that is. Jackson is 7w4d. I am EBF, he nurses on demand, wakes every 2-3 hrs for a feeding. I have had a bit of spotting for the last week or so. The interesting thing is it has been excatally 28 days since my PP bleeding stopped.

Jackson has been super fussy the last 2 days so I wonder if there is any corelation to the 2??

The funny thing is that I am totally okay with AF returning so quick. I kinda missed her when I was pregnant. After all she has been around since Dec 25, 1989.

Here is hoping that there is only one early return in this DDC and it's me.
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That's very sweet of you to hope, but she's back for me too.
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Back for me too...8 weeks.
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Wow, that is so unfair. I'm sorry mamas
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Back at 7 weeks too. I personally hate it.
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Sorry mama! Mine has always stayed away for more than a year!

13mo for ds1 and 15m for ds2. Not too many visits from AF here over the last 6 years...

It could always come now and then have a long stretch before she comes back....
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I am for some reason okay if she stays around. We had to use IVF in order to conceive due to PCOS, One tube and the other blocked, Endo, so the earlier her return the sooner we can try IVF again. I want to breastfeed for at least a year, so with the return of AF means one less thing I have to wait for..I hope that makes sense.
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yep, AF came back at 7 weeks here. Its helped me feel back to normal actually, hopefully i'll get some DTD hormones soon.
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Yup. Me too at 7 weeks pp. Last year I got pregnant at 10 weeks pp. Now I'm a bit wiser about my super fertile body and extreme measures will be taken so I never get pregnant again (once I'm actually having sex again)
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pretty sure i have it too. hard to tell...no cramps, just a few days of super light bleeding. just got the iud two weeks ago, don't know what to expect.
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i'm so curious to see when mine comes back. both my sisters had theirs back by 8 wks pp. I'm almost 10 wks and it's still not here.
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She's back for me, too. I had to scramble to the store to buy pads (didn't have any, used up all the PP ones). Back to the land of fertility...
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I'm wondering if she's going to be making an appearance here. I saw ewcm today. I know that you can have lots of build ups with no ovulation PP, so seeing it isn't a sure thing. I'm not temping as I have an IUD now. Wy has slept for six hours a couple of times so it wouldn't surprise me if she showed backup. I am bummed that I won't be able to use my diva cup (things are still very hurty in the vag, and I don't want to accidently pull he iud out)
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Nothing here yet
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Wow, after my daughter it was 14 months til mine came back- then I got pregnant with this little guy. I'm assuming my period will stay away for about another year.
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Nine weeks. I really think I am a baby making machine.
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KristinaMarie - You said that you had spotting for a week before AF reared her head? Would you mind taking a look at a recent post of mine to see if maybe I am experiencing the same thing?


Maybe some of you mamas who have also gotten you PP AF this early have experienced this too?

I am kinda at a loss as to what my body is doing and I'd like to know what is going on so that I am assume more control.
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Here is the link to my chart. As far as temping goes, I am not doing that any longer as I don't get 3 hrs of sleep, nor do I have a schedule at all. I have noticed that I have had EWCM for the last 2 days, and have been feeling a bit "randy". Today when I wipped there was red EWCM..never had that before, also some cramping.

When I was spotting there was times where I needed a liner and sometimes where I needed nothing. As for the pain..I have an ache in my vagina. I am going to talk the the Dr about that when I see him next..I am thinking a slight prolapse maybe.

I don't know if any of this has helped, but I hope you get the answers you are looking for.
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