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Want to CLW, but...

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I have an almost 15 m/o DD that I want to CLW but I'm having a really hard time w/ night nursing. The problem is that I am in school full time and really need my sleep but she is (w/o exaggeration) waking at least 7 or 8 times a night!!!

DD has never been a good sleeper. It took me months to get her to sleep a 4 hour stretch and that included her learning to sleep w/o a nipple in her mouth and how to fall asleep AFTER we nursed. Then, around the beginning of July, she started sleeping terribly again and the only thing she will accept to go to sleep is my breast.

I want to nurse until we are both ready to stop and I am afraid that night weaning could stop our nursing all together. Is there anyone else here who night weaned (for whatever reason) and was able to continue nursing long term?

Thanks, everyone!
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My dd was like that. I started working nights when she was 2 1/2 yrs and for whatever reason on nights i was not home she managed fine, but if she had access to a boob she woke me up every couple hours. Now she would fall asleep at the breast so i never needed to teach her to fall asleep without it.

WHen she was 3 yrs and i was nursing thru my pregnancy with ds, I just told her one night i was really super tired and not feeling well and if she wanted to snuggle i could do that but i just couldn't nurse that night.

she was fine with it, and actually never night nursed again unless she was sick.

I had no luck trying to limit her night nursing when she was the age of your little one though, sorry I know it is possible to limit nursing at one time and still sucessfully CLW, my dd went on to nurse for years after night weaning.

I guess i don't really have any words of advice for this age, but i do know what you are going thru and it will get better I promise ((hugs))
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