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Baby-safe wood stain?

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We bought a crib that needs to be refinished for very cheap, but then it occured to us that perhaps putting a stain on something our child will be putting her mouth on is not the best idea. Is there a healthier/safer option for wood stain (we'd like it to be cherry wood or espresso colored)?
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Shellac is a great option (and super-easy to use), but alas, it only comes in clear or amber. I wonder if you could add some sort of natural pigment to darken it?
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Make sure you aren't sanding lead paint or varnish off the crib.
I used this on my kids beds. http://www.greenbuildingsupply.com/u.../?objectID=299
Here is another option:

Edited to add:
Never mind, these aren't cheap. I missed that on my first read through.

I bet you could stain with coffee and then shellac? I don't know how or how it would look but I'd think coffee might be close to the color you'd like, not overly expensive (esp. if you drink or know coffee drinkers and so you have used grounds), and nontoxic.
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