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Sudden onset of an egg allergy.

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I discovered that I can't eat gluten last winter and since then eggs have become a staple of my diet. I've been eating them almost every day for months and have eaten them my entire life without any issues. Well, the last 3 or 4 times I've eaten them, I get this tight, uncomfortable feeling in my chest that lasts for hours. It feels similar to when something is stuck in your throat, only it is in my chest. It happens within 5-10 minutes of eating eggs. It's definitely eggs that seem to be causing this reaction.

I can't understand why eggs would suddenly give me a problem. A few days before I experienced this reaction to eggs I started taking antibiotics. I think it was a pretty strong does- it was 4 times a day for about a week. Ever since then I've been having issues- my whole digestive system feels messed up. It is possible for antibiotics to cause a food allergy. I can't think of how that could happen, but the 2 coincide with one another, so I do wonder if there is an connection.

Should I go get allergy tested? If I can't eat eggs by themselves, does that mean I can't eat anything that has eggs in it? I haven't had any baked products that contain eggs since I first started having this reaction.

I'm so bummed about this- it's hard having to cut things out of your diet that you eat a ton of.
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Antibiotics can DEFINITELY mess up your gut....are you taking probiotics?
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I've been taking a really strong probiotic (50 billion) for almost 2 weeks but I still am feeling the effects of the antibiotics. I know that antibiotics can mess up the gut- mine feels totally wrecked now . I just wasn't sure if that can cause allergies.

So do you think if I work on healing my gut, I should be able to eat eggs again?
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Eggs are high in sulfur, and the pathways that detox/process sulfur containing foods can be overwhelmed. Lots of antibiotics are high in sulfur, which could have clogged up that pathway - what were you taking?

To help that pathway out, supplement magnesium, molybdenum, and vitamin B6. Take it easy on the sulfur foods for a little while, and then you may very well be able to eat eggs again.
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