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Northridge...where to live

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Hi! My dh is jobhunting and one of the possibilities is in Northridge.

So, here is what we are looking for:
walkability: access to parks, libraries, groceries, ect.
good schools, (though we are committed to home educating)
under $300,000
Safe enough for my kids to play in the yard and walk to the neighbors or the playground alone (as olders say age 10 and up and with a partner and cell phone)

Is it asking too much?

I'm seeing a lot of affordable places in areas around Northridge (five miles or less from there).
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The Valley is one of those weird places, where their are million dollar neighborhoods, and a few blocks away there are very cheap, but high crime neighborhoods. The other draw back of the Valley is there really is no place that you can live but also walk to services. Ever heard the song, "Nobody walks in LA?" A home up in Valencia that is near the paseos (the paseos would be advertised in the listing) would give you all you are asking for, but you'd be hard pressed to find a single family home in that neighborhood for under 300K. Maybe a duplex. Valencia is about 15 miles north of Northridge.
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Valencia also tends to be nicer because the smog stays on the other side of the hills. I agree with everything else artgoddess said. There are a few areas you can walk to things but it might be the mall or a strip mall but not everything. Chatsworth is also nice in parts but not sure of areas in your price range off hand. Simi is also nice.
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Oh yes, I've heard good things about Simi.
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I would look into Simi Valley or Valencia as PPs has suggested.
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simi... eeeehhh.
Northridge... naaah

try the west valley. Look in WEST HILLS (Best schools in La if you do ever need them) Or Calbasas area. Or Sherman oaks/encino/studio city.

The neighborhood is far more important than the house imo.
And nice areas have verrry nice parks and amenities.
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and miles have nothing to do with anything, btw. 15 miles may take 45 minutes in traffic hades... so dont worry too much about exact loacation. Even short drives take forever at the wrong time of day.
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