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Yeah that sort of thing really does defeat the whole feedback system. After being contacted by one of those Cdiaper fettish freaks I've decided not to sell on ebay in the future.
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I use different user names on different boards to reduce cross-site stalking. One of the beneifits of anonymity of the internet. I don't do very much buying/selling, but it makes me feel better.
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Originally posted by Brayg

I got retaliatory negative feedback from someone as well. I cried, I was so mad. I had over 200 positive feedbacks and she ruined it. It wasn't my fault that she didn't pay me or respond for over a month! That and shortly after that I got an undeserved neutral from a buyer's dh who had nothing to do with the auction--I sold a pair of NWT Old Navy jeans that were made to look "worn"--clearly stated in the auction and he left feedback stating that the jeans looked worn. Duh!
I could of wrote this....exactly the kind of stuff that has happened to us...i was so upset about the 2 or 3 negs we have (retaliatory, also) i cried too...its just NOT FAIR!!! I know its just ebay, but I know I got less bids after those neg feedbacks...so it does affect me, and my family gets less money that we need for stuff, because another person wants to abuse the feedback system.

and there is nothing ebay will do about it. soooo frustrating
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I recently had someone leave neg. about a burts bees auction. I sold a bunch of trial size hand salve. It clearly stated in the auction that they were the small trial sizes and they were being auctioned in 5 packs.
The bidder emailed me when she received them totally ticked off that they were the trial size even though the auction clearly stated, in bold, in the first line they were.
She left me neg. feedback and I simply reponded that the auction clearly stated the size and the buyer should have read the auction prior to bidding.
Right after I left my response she filed with Ebay's square trade. They emailed me her complaint, asked for my response, listened to both sides, then sent out a resolution which was to have the feedback and response removed since the feedback left was inappropriate since the auction stated the correct size.

I have never used square trade before but I was really pleased with it. The whole thing was settled in something like 48 hours.

Not sure if that helps but it is nice knowing there is someplace I can turn if I need to in the future and get a quick response.
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I too have had people retaliate with negative feedback. I fully expect negative feedback if I take forever to ship....which has happened due to certain circumstances.

Anyway, the one that made me the maddest was when I listed a double stroller. I took the pic, listed the auction, and stuck the stroller in the utility room. Well, after the auction ended, I went to get the stroller out and somehow bleach had spilled on it. So, I emailed the buyer, told them what happened and refunded their payment through paypal. I never heard from the buyer, but she left me negative feedback for not shipping the item. I emailed her and still never heard from her. So, I was punished for being honest!
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Awww! *HUGS* to you both!
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Detergent Diva,

I think I might try square trade will it work in my case?

I did state in item description that if there was no payment after 7 days I will file neg. So I am waiting for that to do non paying bidder alert
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I don't see why it would not work with yours. I would include in your statement to them the email she sent to you.
I was really surprised at how well it worked out. The only thing was we both had to accept the terms of the agreement. It would be worth a shot though.
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It costs $20 to use a mediator?That sucks! I want the neg off my record and I believe that I have a good case but man I don't want to pay $20
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Did ebay respond to your letter to them yet? If you don't want to pay then wait for ebays response then go through square trade.

Since the other person contacted square trade I didn't have to do anything, funy thing was I didn't even leave a neg. just responded to her neg.

I would also send ebay a copy of the email she sent you including the header of the email.
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I have not heard from ebay yet. I will wait. I talked to DH about the square trade thing and he said just to forget it if it costs us money. It only costs money for the person who files if you use a mediator. If I don't use a mediator, meaning I have to work it out with them but then the negative stays so why bother.

I will just wait 7 days file non paying bidder and leave them a negative as well not like it would bother them
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She strikes again!!!! So I sent a payment reminder and I just got an email from the wench saying

"Are you like 12 or something? Geeze, you are stupid. Hay, nice reply
to your feedback(as if anyone could understand that gibberish) hahaha."

UGH what a hooch anyway I contacted ebay yet again with a copy of the email asking them to PLEASE do something about it. I then emailed this horrible woman letting her know that I contacted ebay about her fraudulent bidding and I think she should smarten up and stop harrassing me via email. I also told her that I contaced my local law enforcement.

I told her she should just pay and I will ship her the item.

I am so mad.
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Awww! I am so sorry this is happening to you! DH says he doesn't want me selling on ebay just because of stuff like that! Ugh! Good luck with your :! I hope you get it worked out soon. I HATE people like that! they make me sooooo
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Ugh, I'm so sorry. I would keep on ebay about getting it resolved.
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Oh and they cancelled their email address so my message came back to me..ugh!
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That is so unbelievable!
I didnt know evil people like this truly exisited!
What a wang!!!

When I was new to Ebay, I left a negative feedback for an auction because it was a very worn article of clothing. Learned my lesson there. :
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I'm so sorry you are going through this! Ebay has got to come up with a better feedback system; obviously this one does not work if we are all scared about revenge. Maybe the feeback could not be viewable until both sides have already responded or something?
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That's too bad. Fire a negative right back at her, but wait up until the last second on the 90th day to leave it. That way she can't retaliate. Also, I think you can ban certain buyers from your auctions. I may be wrong on this, but I'm pretty sure you can do this. I hope she quits the stalking!
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I had a seller harass me via email every day for a week until my money order came. (It took 8 days to arrive, including the weekend.)

When I got the item, I left her positive feedback, but said she was an "average seller"...she was so mad about that, she left me feedback that said my MO took weeks to arrive, which was a blatant lie. I emailed her about it, and she admitted she lied. I forwarded everything on to ebay, hoping they would rectify the situation, but they never did. <sigh...>

I agree, wait until the last second of your 90 days and leave bad feedback.

I also think not being able to see the other person's feedback until you leave yours would be better....
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About the Wahmchicks thing....Most of the users have little or no feedback because it is a new site and most of the people have just registered so they could bid on the items auctioned for AFO.

Good luck to you and I hope ebay resolves this soon.
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