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Beautiful pics, Mamabeakley! I added you as a friend on Facebook, anyone else on Facebook I can add??

Max- Ugh, sounds like a trying day for you, I would have been very upset also I hope it can be fixed!

Alaskaberry- I'm glad you're enjoying your Vt trip more than the NY one, lol! Much better to not feel "ackward" while nursing. That was how it was for me going to the inlaws. Sucks.

BBM- So good to see you! I'm glad you are all well!

We are doing good here, just trying desparately to finish all things Christmas. Busy week ahead, lots of meetings, and practices, etc. Next weekend we are going up to my Dad's, so I am trying to get everything done NOW, lol
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Sydnee--I'm also on Facebook. Let's PM one another w/ real names--same goes for the rest of you...I know you're all as secretly addicted to FB as I am! (well, maybe not, lol)
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Thanks, everybody for the compliments!

We now have wall-to-wall bed in our bedroom! DS1 & DS2 have been fighting every night over who got to sleep next to DH - and neither was at all willing to move to a toddler bed. So, we have moved the full-size mattress from our guest room, which nobody ever used, next to our King size, and the boys are supposed to sleep in the big bed with DH while I sleep w/DD in the smaller one.

Unfortunately, it's not a very comfortable bed! I may have to get some kind of topper to be comfy there.

Back to work for me.
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Despite all my intentions to get started early on Christmas stuff, I'm at the frantic sewing/cooking/cleaning/card-writing phase of it all. On top of report cards (which just went home yesterday. Thank goodness) and doing some major tech overhauls in the school computer lab and trying to actually teach and keep my kids engaged until the vacation. It's been nutty. And now I'm hormonal this week on top of it all! EEK!

But Sunday I took Phoebe to see the Nutcracker for the first time and she LOVED it. I kept getting teary about how happy I was to share it with her. We went with my close friend and her daughter--Phoebe's close friend. It was so wonderful.

Tonight I'll be sewing a camera case and little zippered pouch for my mom's purse. I'll probably also make a little matching tissue holder. I'm making my sister a sleeping mask to go along with ear plugs and sleepy herbal tea that my herbalist friend custom bleded for her. With her work schedule, she never gets to sleep! And when she tries to catch up during the day she is often interrupted. I made my dad, BIL, and a friend of ours beer cozies from a felted wool sweater. I embroidered I <3 Beer on them--they are wonderfully corny! I'm making Phoebe a red flannel nightgown. But I have until next Thursday to get that one done. Plenty of time! I wanted to knit dh a new lightweight hat to cover his bald head when it is too warm to wear a heavy wool hat, but there is no way. I cast on 2 weeks ago, and I'm letting it sit. I'll finish it for his birthday in April. Spring will be the perfect time for it anyway.

Phoebe, I wish I was weaving! I've gotten as far as reading directions on how to thread the loom and planning a simple first project. I'm not touching it until after the holidays.

Max, is the puppy still chewing everything? How sad about your sweater. I would be really upset in that situation.

Phoebe is in the tub and it sounds like she just bumped the plug and it is starting to drain. That's good--because the only way I'm going to get her out without a fight at this point is if the water mysteriously disappears. Time for me to get everything lined up for a smooth transition from tub to bed! (Oh, she just made some more bubbles in the tub--if you know what I mean )
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Originally Posted by Mamabeakley View Post
Well, you're in the least excited, are you?

It is spitting snow here but not accumulating...
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Snow here too. It's supposed to start tonight & go through tomorrow, accumulating about a foot. We've got the sleds out & waiting!!

Amy, I knew you would have an impressive list of holiday projects!

I've been knitting like a crazy woman to finish up some gifts. Other than that I am in good shape. Phew!
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Yeah, I'm excited! It's very rare for us to get any snow at all before January and I think the last time it snowed this much was before DS1 was born. This is great! Both big kids went out for two long boughts of snow play w/DH and had a great time.
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We've got snow here, too! Lots of it! (Very rare for us...) It started snowing last Thursday, snowed through Friday, took yesterday off, and has started again this morning. It's expected to snow all day today and into tomorrow.

It's just as well that we're all recovering from a nasty virus (upper respiratory + conjunctivitis, thanks to DS's school!). DS is still coughing a lot, but otherwise is back to normal.

Things are kind of crazy here. We've just managed to get Christmas shopping done as of yesterday. We're also trying to decide how to organize things for this new baby. It looks like we'll be making a trip to Ikea next week to pick up some more furniture-- as it is now, all of the baby clothes are in boxes stacked in our bedroom! Plus, DH has a knee surgery scheduled for Tuesday. Nothing major, he should be able to walk right away, but he'll get a couple of weeks off of work-- good timing for the holidays, not so great with baby on his/her way!

That's about all the news here. I think baby varies between breech and transverse. I'm getting a little nervous, as I'm 35 wks, but I keep reading that babies usually flip on their own, and can flip even up to/during labor. So keep your fingers crossed!!

Max, how are you all doing? You're such an amazing knitter now, I'm so impressed. I have made no progress with any of my projects... And I was so sorry to hear about the puppy and your sweater. That would have made me SO upset! These little animals-- we love 'em and they drive us crazy at the same time.

Ecoteat, I've been thinking of you recently, listening to an interview with a UU chaplain who works for the Maine Wildlife and Game wardens (I think). Her descriptions of Maine reminded me of you!

Sydnee, I'm on Facebook! I'll send you a PM.

Mamabeakley, snow is so much fun when it's unexpected, isn't it? I loved your generational pictures. Very moving!

BBM, how's the kitten?

Alaskaberry, hope your travels are going smoothly. I'm planning a natural hospital birth (at the same place where I had DS naturally). Just hoping this baby doesn't stay transverse, because that would be the end of THAT. And my new (volunteer) job is work-from-home, which is ideal for me.

Happy holidays to everyone!!!!! Stay warm and safe!
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Hi mamas! Wish we had the snow here, but oh well! Hope you all enjoy the white wonderland and stay warm. No real time for personals right now. Got the May baby on my back (the girl weighs about 36-38lbs right now and she STILL wants to be in the mei tai! Crazy girl!) while I try to organize a few things around the house. We are pretty much ready with our few Xmas/Solstice gifts for the kids, just waiting on them to come in the mail I hate shopping at stores, so I pretty much ordered everything online. What a relief!

BTW - max, I think you're a little crazy to want to live with your in-laws, but in a good way I would gladly have my MIL live on the same property, but NEVER my FIL. If we lived even inthe same town as MY folks there would be some serious ground rules about visiting.

Mary - I hope that baby turns on time! DS was transverse until the last week or two, and both kiddos did some manouvering during labor too. I'm sure it will all turn out well.

My birthday was calm, which was all I could ask for. It was nice!

Love and Happy Holidays to all!!
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Originally Posted by Sydnee View Post

Alaskaberry- I'm glad you're enjoying your Vt trip more than the NY one, lol! Much better to not feel "awkward" while nursing. That was how it was for me going to the inlaws. Sucks.
Actually, I felt no shame about whipping the boob out. It was DP who acted like it was a big deal--I think his dad must have disapproved or something. When Orion was a baby, DP didn't care who I nursed in front of, and all of a sudden he's been acting really weird about it. I mean, I don't nurse Orion in front of others anymore (well, except *my* family, lol), but the baby? I should not have to leave the room in my own house!
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Mary, when I was doing accupuncture a while back for my migraines, my accupuncturist had a lot of success turning breech babies. She would get referrals from all around. It may be something worth a try if you could find someone near you. Accupuncture is an amazing thing. Feel free to pm me if you have any questions.

Thinking of you all. :
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Merry Christmas to all my May mamas! I hope your holiday is relaxing, and fun filled!

We are having a major snow storm here (Mn), supposed to get 15-20 inches! What a great Christmas present Hubby is not feeling well, so I am enjoying a cocktail before hitting the hay. Can't WAIT for the girls to get up, Emma is more excited about the cinnamon rolls I make every year, lol!!

Have a wonderful Holiday! Love to you all...
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Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

We've been up since before 5am, so I'm just taking a little cofee break. The kids are all in new-gift-euphoria right now. Even the pup is racing around w/his new toy.

Have a wonderful holiday all.
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Merry Christmas! We are having a lovely morning. Phoebe is so happy with her new toys and books, dh is talking to his sister on the phone, and I just got out of the shower. It was so fun to watch Phoebe open things and get so excited. The big hits are the play kitchen (of course) and a new baby doll that she named Kara. We are headed to our cousins' to visit and exchange gifts before naptime and then our good friends are coming over for dinner.

Enjoy the rest of your days, everyone!
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We had a great day yesterday. We got the two older ones a trampoline! DS2, my May baby, got a skateboard which he's been wanting and wanting and wanting DD we gave a wooden IKEA baby gym, which she likes a lot. She's also started scooting on her belly!

And we had a fairly relaxing time at DH's parents house with uncles, aunts, & 5 cousins. For once, it WASN'T my kids melting down from the holiday stress. We've decided to stay home this week rather than trying to visit my family ~3 hrs away. I just need the break - DH has this week off & we've been going like the energizer bunny sice September.

Keep warm & be happy!
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Merry Christmas everyone! Wow Sydnee- 15-20 inches?! We have a dusting (maybe 2 inches) and people are driving 30-40mph on the highway. Makes me batty!

We've had a great weekend and Christmas... the kids have a bit of a cold but nothing that keeps them from enjoying their new stuff. Dd1's big present was a new BMX (but totally groovy-girly) bike, dds' was an Indiana Jones PC game, a real fedora and Indiana Jones Legos (he's only mildly obsessed) and dd2's big gift was the big "green" Plan dollhouse. And they received a lot of clothes and other goodies from family.

MB- did you get an indoor or outdoor trampoline? We just recently bought the square indoor one from JCPenney and it's helping sooooo much with the extra energy they have. Love it!

Can you all believe it's almost 2010, or that our babies will be *4* soon?!
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Giving us a

How's everyone doing? I hope you are all happy, healthy & enjoying the new year.

We are all well here. We're getting ready to go to Disney World next week. : And super excited. I'm in a packing/planning frenzy. (Disney is fun, but it's A LOT of work!!)
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Hi Max!

Disneyworld! How fun!!!!! I hope you all have a fabulous trip. I can imagine that getting 4 kids there requires a lot of advance planning!

I also wanted to tell you that I'm taking your advice-- my acupuncture appt is this afternoon, actually. I'll keep you posted. I'm praying this baby turns.

We're ok here. Not great. DS is going through a major, major sleep regression and I just don't know what to do. (I have a thread about this in The Family Bed & Night-time Parenting forum). We're so exhausted and at the end of our ropes.

And I'm feeling really worried about and disconnected from this new baby. Maybe because we still haven't really set anything up yet, it still feels unreal. But it will be happening! And soon! I'll be 38 weeks tomorrow.

I hope everyone's new year is off to a good start.
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Mary, sounds like a really stressful time. When you're not sleeping, everything is worse. I hope things turn around for you soon. And good luck with the accupuncture! They also do a really cool thing after you've delivered the baby for healing. I wish I could remember the name. My accupuncturist lit something, kind of like burning sage, and went over my abdomen with it (not a good description I know!) and it felt really good. I used accupunture throughout my third pregnancy and it was the easiest birth and recovery of them all. She moved away or I would still be going. As for feeling disconnected from the new baby, my guess is that you have so much to worry about right now that it is just your mind's way of coping. Kind of like one less thing to worry about. You know that the baby is safe inside you & you are doing the best for him/her, so that is enough for now. I am sure once the baby is born those maternal hormones will kick in & it will be a wonderful bonding time.
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