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head shaking - anyone know what this might be?

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Sometimes when my daughter is sleepy she shakes her head back and forth pretty vigorously. She does it especially when she's on either her back or front. It's not a quick shake that ends right away, it can be fast or slow and it lasts for a few minutes or until I move her from chest to chest to sitting in my arm. She's not especially upset and I'm not especially worried, but I am curious.

What do you think this is? Some variation of the rooting reflex?
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If I'm picturing what you're saying, my ds1 used to do this. Especially on his back - it was like he was rubbing his head into the mattress, trying to get comfy. Loved the bald spot he got from it! maybe just one of those quirky things. This babe always winds his arm when he's tired like he's pitching baseball. Except he does it over and over and it keeps him from sleeping sometimes! I have to sort of gently hold his arm so he can calm himself. It's funny. And he just recently started sucking is thumb! Don't know how I feel about that for the longterm, but he's getting good at soothing himself, which is nice.
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yeah River does this too, thought she was just half asleep and looking for a breast to use as a pillow.
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Olive does thid too. Dh calls it her neck work-out.
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All three of mine have done this/do this. I don't know what causes it, but LOTS of babes do it... and for many it's the "reason" for that silly looking bald spot. I figure it must feel nice?

If babe were fussy, feverish, or otherwise unhappy I might suspect an ear infection but in an otherwise happy kiddo I wouldn't worry.
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It's so funny that so many of your little ones have done this because I'd never noticed it in any other child before.

It's really cute when she does it on a pillow, like she's nesting her little head in. It almost reminds me of a dog circling 3 times before it lays down!
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My dd does this too and she has a bald spot and a 'ring' of missing hair around her head, lol. It's like nails on a chalkboard to me when I see her doing it as I can just imagine how many little hairs she's scraping off! She only does it when she's on her back and quite tired...drives me nuts! lol
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our dd does a variation of this... incessantly rubbing her forehead on us, particularly my shoulder and chest... sometimes it is rooting othertimes there is no obvious need - she rejects the nipple - but almost always rooting... very incessant
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DS1 did this and Now DS2 is doing this also. ITs almost like he is trying to fight sleep or wake himself back up lol.
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Marcus does this mostly at night. He lays on his side and will turn his head face down and scrub his face into the towel we sleep on. He seems to be semi-awake when he does it. I try to distract him with a pacifier, patting or shushing because if I just let him go, he gets frustrated and more awake. I'm glad to know that other LO's do it too.
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Heh, Nessa does this too. It didn't occur to me that it would be responsible for the bald spot on the back of her head. Guess I'm just dense
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