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Any triplet or quad moms here?

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Just wondering if MDC has any triplet or quad moms here? We'd like to get to know you and salute you.

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Between this question and the commute question I finally joined! Hi, my name is Lys and I'm mama to Julia who will be turning 4 next month, and triplets Liam, Claire, & Megan who turned 2 last month.

Looking forward to joining in here when the kiddo's allow!

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to the boards and HERE in PARENTING MULTIPLES!!!!!

I salute you.

HOW do you do it?

Looking forward to get to know you. Please post more when you can.

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Welcome, Lys. I'm sure I am among many here who would LOVE to hear your story. From finding out there were three little ones inside of you to their birth to if they are bf'd. Details, please!
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Hey there! Welcome to MDC!!!!!!!
And congratulations mama!
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Charmarty is right...

to LYS.
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Thanks for the welcome!

And sorry it took me so long to get back. We had a crazy weekend with lots of company and the refrigerator dying ( )!

I'll answer the most asked question first...no they are not spontaneous. It took us four years to get pregnant with our daughter Julia so we decided we didn't want to wait too long before we tried for a second baby. When she was 14 months old we used the exact same drug protocol (a little clomid, little follistim, and progestrone), had the exact same response to the drugs (3 follicles formed) and got pregnant with the triplets. Our first hcg blood test came back at over 1400 so we knew right away there was more than one baby and I think I was just shy of 6 weeks when we did our first ultrasound and saw the three sac's.

I had a very easy pregnancy and carried them until a scheduled c-section at 34 weeks 5 days. They all roomed in with us and all of us came home 4 days later. Liam weighed 4-13, Claire weighed 5-1, and Megan weighed 5-2. After ebfeeding Julia it was important to me that the babies get breastfed but even with a great lactation consultant I only ever got Claire to latch on. I did pump for them for the first 6 months and then stopped. We didn't co-sleep with them because they all slept together and we still had Julia in our bed. Now if someone is having a rough night they get to come to our bed.

Now they are 2! We just did an early intervention evaluation last week and all 3 are right on age level. It is crazy here but I love it. There are even times my husband and I ponder going back to the fertility clinic and trying for just one more!

Well, that's my book! I'm glad to be joining you guys.

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Wow. Thanks for letting us vicariously virtually experience some of that ...

To be brutally honest, part of me is envious. But a very, very small part ...

Please, when you have time, would love to just hear bits of what life is like with ... gulp ... 3 toddlers at the same time ...

(Friends of ours just had triplets after years of trying, and I cannot imagine what it's like going from zero to three at 100 mph ... wowza. Talk about paradigm change ...)
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I'm glad to see another triplet mom here. I'm Beth, I have an almost 6 yr old daughter & 3 yr old triplets( g/b/g). I've posted here before, but it's been quite a while. I'm finding this to be a fun age ( a lot easier then the two's), hopefully I don't jinx myself now! I don't get online very often, but look forward to chatting with other like minded mom's.
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:hi oneplusthree! wow, I am in awe of you triplet mamas.

I am in over my head with two the same age and the older singletons. How do you do THREE at the same age and older children?

Anyway, welcome back. We are glad to have you here.
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Man do I feel like a loser for thinking this was tough with my two 3 y.o. girls!

3 is easier than 2 though! We are alot calmer around here these days!

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Hi Beth, I'm thrilled to see another triplet mom too, and one that's ahead of me is great.

Thanks everyone for the nice welcome!!!

"Please, when you have time, would love to just hear bits of what life is like..." I've been waiting for a good day to answer this, sorry it's taken so long.

Life around here is never dull but I don't think it's really hard. I was already a sahm so money hasn't been a huge problem. Now that the babies (I need a new name for them!) are two I'm loving that they can at least give me hints to what they need. They do really well playing with each other and do okay playing with their older sister. They share a room and have just transitioned to 3 toddler beds all pushed together to make a king size toddler bed. That transition went much smoother than I expected.

I'm not sure what else to add, just let me know if you've got questions. Overall, I don't think it's harder than twins. Like twin mom's I just have to figure out how to give them each their own time.

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