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Whats your favorite cover over prefolds for a newborn?

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When my DS was a newborn, we borrowed some Imse Vimse Night covers from a friend. I really loved these covers, but they don't make them any more. The Organic covers that replaced them are really expensive. So I'm looking for possible alternatives. What was your favorite cover over prefolds for your newborn?
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I really like the Thirsties covers. I like the original, but also the Duo because we're still able to fit ds2 into the size one at 10 wks (getting snug at 15 lbs) and I can already fit him in the size two, which my ds1 can also use. I think the duo fit a bit better at first anyway because it's slightly trimmer than the xs original. Both were slightly big but workable until the cord stump fell off, then both were great. Ds was born at 7lb3oz if that helps.
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I also liked the xs thirsties original for my DD who was 8 lbs 1 oz when she was born. They seemed to fit the best at the newborn stage. I still like using the larger sizes on her too!

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I liked the Green Earth cover that I used. It was softer and a little larger than my newborn Bummis, but I love Bummis, too. My absolute fav. was a wool cover that I made using this pattern.

To my surprise I also liked some old diaperaps that someone gave me! The one I didn't like that I thought I would was the Bummis super snap. I prefer snaps but not for newborns. The aplix or velcro covers help get the best fit.
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A vote here for the most boring diaper cover ever: Dappi nylon pull on! Used them for two babies so far and they're perfect for us. They do run large, so they might not fit super snug around a chicken legged baby at first....mine both were fine in them at about two weeks old. But dd and ds were both 8 1/2 pounds at birth...We just used sposies until then. I get mine at http://www.cottonbabies.com They're only $5 for two!
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We mainly used Proraps until the cord fell off, then we mainly used Thirsties. The Duos weren't out then, but I probably would have used them instead of the XS, although the XS were great.
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We used the Mommy's Touch newborn covers. They fit really well...loved them!

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We like proraps just fine. They're pretty affordable and work well, even around my skinny baby's legs.
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Mommy's Touch or Imse Vimse. Those are my favorites for newborns.
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We loved Prowraps. They are a little ugly but extremely functional and the leg gussets were wonderful--no explosive newborn poops ever leaked out!
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Proraps until the cord fell off, and then Bummi's newborn were my favorite.
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I have a few a proraps to give them another chance but honestly I hated them on my DD the gussets were useless they were soo huge they didn't hold a thing in. I liked the bummi SWW and I'm really likeing what I see int he super brite as well. I like the thirsties but seem really big for a NB might depend on the size we will see... Love simple pull ons as well but alos fear the size will be too big at first.

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The only cover I have that fits my guy even now at almost a month old is a Litewrap Preemie size. He was/is so skinny that even the NB Imse Vimse is far too big, even snugged down all the way.
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We used whatever the smallest Diaperaps wrap is (it might be "infant" iirc) when she was teeny tiny (5 lb, 13 oz at birth) and then Thirsties xs once she grew a bit. I still love the Thirsties now that she's in the Mediums. I find they fit snugly enough where we rarely have leaks but aren't uncomfortable around her legs.
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Imsie Vimse are the only covers that i would ever use on a newborn. The others left red marks on her.

You might think about finding some recycled wool wraps or longies, they are cheap, and easy to make, soft and last forever.
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Thanks for the recs everyone. I found that prowraps did not fit my DS well...he was a very fat legged baby. And I've had bad luck with Thirsties falling apart.

Those of you who mentioned Mommys Touch diapers, tell me more about them. How was the fit? Did they wash up well? What is the material like? TIA!
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