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Chicago gynecologist recommendations?

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Hello all,

Any recommendations for a good gynecologist in Chicago?
(Not an OB. I am a homebirthing mama. I just need a gynecologist now.)

Thanks in advance!
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Are you located in the city or the suburbs? My midwife practice does well-woman and non-pregnant woman care as well as delivering babies. They are located at Swedish Covenant Hospital on the north side. I especially like Linda Simon-Price.
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Yep, most CNM will do well-woman care.
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Depends on how you define "good." That said, I agree that Swedish Covenant's certified nurse midwifery group is wonderful. I also liked Bonnie Wise at Northwestern; she has a great bedside manner: very thoughtful and attentive.
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I'm in the city - in Hyde Park (south side).

Hmmm, what do I mean by good? I'm not sure. I guess what I am looking for is someone who has both knowledge and respect for women's bodies.

"Good" definitely means someone who reads current research. I don't want to have to defend my decision to have a homebirth. I'm happy to talk about it with anyone who is genuinely interested, but I've had too many encounters with health care providers who are just interested in telling me that home births are dangerous and irrational.

I didn't think of CNMs, so thanks, Thistles, for suggesting it. I won't have to be on the defensive about my birth. I think my problem may be out of the realm of well-woman care - but CNMs would definitely be able to lead me toward a "good" gyne.

Thanks, ladies!
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One other idea is to ask my monitrice, Tanya McHale. She is well-acquainted with the OB/gyn community in Chicago and has attended many home births. She's fabulous. Her website is www.tanyamchale.com.
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Actually, when I was going to Swedish for my prenatal care, I was considering homebirth. The midwives I talked to about it were very supportive and, in fact, gave me referrals for homebirth midwives.

Finding a GYN who supports homebirth might be tough. But that just might be my anti-MD bias.
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I am a big fan of my Gynecologist, she is a D.O. and an O.B. as well, Dr. Theresa Hubka. (If I have another kiddo I will have a homebirth as well,) but she is wonderful and gentle and pretty holistic in comparison to most providers I have met.
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ob rec at UIC

Hi, Geeweemama,

I love my gyn. Her name is Valerie Swiatkowski at UIC Medical Center. She is awesome. She is very kind, respectful, a great listener. I'm not sure how she is with homebirths since I am having my baby in the hospital, but we are doing no drugs and she had recommendations of how to help that go smoothly with the L&D nurses. She is very flexible and responsive. She gave me her email address at our first appointment and has responded to emails within one day always.

Just thought I'd throw in my two cents, since I was really glad to find her. I had been in Chicago for six years before I hooked up with her, and was never really satisfied with my care before.

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Bump?  After a happy homebirth, I need to see a Gyn.  My MW's affiliated with a male doc and i'm not comfortable with that.  Any recs besides Hubka?  The yelp reviews have me terrified of the wait times.

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If you're looking for someone who is up on the current research evidence I would go for someone affiliated with an academic medical center, so either U of C, UIC, or Northwestern.  I don't have specific names, but any of the attendings there will be up on the literature.  If prolapse/incontenence is the issue and you end up with a urogyn, I like Dr. Kobak, but there are also several female docs too.  (see http://chicago.medicine.uic.edu/departments___programs/departments/obgyn/divisions/general_obstetrics___gynecology/faculty/

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Did you ever find someone?  I go to Dr. David Wechter in Hyde Park.  He's my primary care physician and he does my woman care as well.  His nurses are great.  And if he delivered babies, I would have used him, but, he doesn't - oh, well.  My husband and I both see him and he's aware of our alternate care choices as well (as in homebirth, chiro and accupuncture).  He just moved from 55th in the Mellow Yellow building to the facility adjacet to the Bally's - so, no problem with parking.

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No, I never ended up going...  I decided to wait a full year PP and things are better for sure so I think I'm one of those that just took longer to heal.

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