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Anyone else a heavy leaker?

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Can I train myself not to leak? Lol. I was a heavy leaker with DD1 and here I am again, having to wear a bra with breastpads 24/7. I can't wear the disposable pads cuz I leak right through them...I have to have the thick Milk Diapers kind, or even socks! Reminds me of middle school days of stuffing my bra, lol.

Anyone else, or know if there's a solution? I'm envious of friends who don't even wear bras and have no leaking troubles. What's wrong with me?
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If you find out, let me know!

I seem to be a little less "milkie" this time round, but I still routinely leak through everything. At home I fold a cloth prefold into the top of my nursing tank, when I'm out and about (and covered by the moby) I ususlly fold a cloth wipe into quarters and stick one over each breast.

If I catch it right at the start (the first let down tingle) and apply pressure across my breast (pressing on the nipple and across the breast) I can often avoid leaking. Or at least, reduce the leaking. When I worked at the library I'd sometimes lean forward with my chin on my hands so that I'd look "normal" (or normal-ish) while using my forearms to press against the nipple/breast. And these days I sometimes interlace my fingers and rest them on my chest, again "casually" putting pressure on the nipple/breast. It looks silly, but so does having two big wet spots on your shirt! I hold the pressure till the tingle sensation passes.

But other than that, I don't have any tricks. Maybe get a pair of "my milkies" milk savers so the leaking milk is collected? Not sure how well they work, and they;re not that cheap, but they're basically breast pads with storage built in... "saving" milk that would otherwise leak out and be "lost". Sort of an easy-peasy way of building a milk stash.
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I have the same problem. I hate wearing a bra 24/7 but if I don't I will have milk squirting all over in a matter of 10 seconds. I was at motherhood maternity nursing 2 weeks ago and the lady was trying to sell me Lily Padz. She says they stop all leaking. I Don't believe it. Plue they wanted 40 bucks for them. I love my flannel pads for around home and disposable ones when I go out, which is about once a week to the grocery store.
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If you don't want to spend the dough for Lilypadz, why not try soothies? Medela makes these gel pads that soothe sore nipples but the gel forms a pretty impressive seal over the breast.

These are the ones I've been using. I've been putting the plastic sheet back on them and slipping them back in the fridge to reuse for a while now. These might at least help you figure out if a suction type solution would work without you having to spend $40.

Also, I can vouch for the milk saver working pretty well. I leak almost nothing at all so I gave mine to a friend and she's stashing an extra bottle of milk per day in the fridge for the milk bank.
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I don't know if there is a cure. I leaked heavy till I weaned myy dd almost age 2. And at almost 3 months this time I see no end soon. I am just used to it. I found some cloth pads that actually work, after I spent so much money and trued so many kinds out there. They are organic velor and hemp, and feel so nice. At night I just stuff my shirt with a regular size prefold. I always thought that I wouldn't leak since I am so small in size. I am a 34a nursing size, but I guess that goesn't make a difference in how much I leak. I guesss I am already used to it.
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I'm a major leaker too but I can use Lansinoh disposable pads as long as i change them a few times a day. I've been a leaker with all 3 babies and usually have to wear nursing pads for 6ish mos before the leaking chills out. I also have an overactive letdown so that may be part of the problem too. I haven't had any success trying to minimize leaking so I've just given up and embraced the nursing pads.
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I tried Lilypadz the last time around and they brought mastitis on for me every time. B/c the milk couldn't come out it would build up and make me miserable. Maybe that's just me, but I would definitely not recommend them.
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I'm another hater of lilypadz. I would just leak and it would break the seal and they'd pop off. I could never get them to work right for me. I thought it was maybe because I was small chested. I do like them for later when i no longer leak and have to wear something that I cannot wear a bra with.
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I don't leak a whole lot but I let down on both side, always. I seem to have less milk this time around and overall it isn't as bad. Lansinoh pads work really well for me
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I would think anything that actually seals the breast would be an invitation to thrush.

I use the lansinoh disposables when I'm out and at home, I change my shirt several times a day and go braless or I nurse both kids at once. I leak almost none except when nursing or when it's time to nurse.

Who needs to watch a clock to know when its time to nurse when I can watch a milk fountain?!
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Originally Posted by BeagleMommy View Post
or I nurse both kids at once.
Good idea! Love it.
Now I realize why I wanted to tandem nurse. My 2 yr old wants nothing to do with nursing since I had the baby.
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