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carb blocker

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Since I had my last child no matter what I do I can’t seem to lose the weight I gained during the pregnancy. I never had a problem with my last 2 children I lost the weight over the following six months, but not this time and I'm not doing anything different than I was after my other pregnancies.I had a checkup and the Dr. Says everything is fine. I saw an add for a product called Stopcal and now that I'm no longer breast feeding I don’t see why I can’t use this. It is all natural plant based and there doesn’t seem to be anything harmful in it . I don’t want to stay this heavy I'm not at all comfortable.
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I'm speaking as someone who kept baby weight on for almost 9 years

I tried numerous herbal supplements that talked about blocking carbs, and preventing fat absorption - and none of them worked. I can tell you - IMHO the only thing that change helps you lose weight if you have a lot to lose is a complete lifestyle change.

I made changes to my diet (I'm a mostly vegetarian, but so addicted to junk food) - started watching what I ate, controlling my portions, and staying away from processed foods. I also started exercising. I've now lost 53 lbs (since August 1, 2001), and more weight is coming off (I have a total of 110 lbs to lose).

Good luck! You can always PM me if you want to talk more.

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I really saw major changes in my post-pregnancy weight loss when I stopped eating dairy, cut out juices, cut way down on sugars and fruits, and (this is the big one) started taking 1-2 Tbsp. of hemp seed oil every day...
Hemp helps the body burn excess fat and also metabolize fats better... so do nuts and flax, but hemp is the best at it!
I also do weight training and 20-30 min. of aerobics each week, which also helps... by building muscles you burn calories while you rest.
I agree w/ veggiewolf, most the fatloss products don't work! diet and exercise are really the best way to go!!
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I have a book called "the Food Bible". It has a chapter on weight loss, but the whole book is on nutrition and having a balanced diet. I have found it really helpful. The hardest part is thinking about what a long process weight loss is. You really shouldn't loose more than 2 lbs per week, so for me that means at least 3 months to get to the weight I want.
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