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I am a coke/coffee/chocolate addicit as well. I cut down both while pregnant but did not eliminate them. I went from probably 5-10 cups a day down to 1-2 cups..

right now I have a small cappuncio with lots of milk every morning (or black tea)

some days I will also have a can of soda, but rarely.. maybe 1-2 times a week ..

and I eat a few small pieces of dark chocolate (think 1/4 of a bar) every day or three. ..

I should add caffeine helped a TON with constipation and headaches.
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I ate chocolate almost every day through the first trimester , but didn't start drinking coffee again untill about a month ago. Since then, I've been having about a half mug of coffee in the mornings, and make up the rest of the mug with soy milk.
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I had 1-2 cups per day.
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I cut it out for the first 20 weeks last time. This time I never cut any out at all. Love my coffee.
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I avoid it in the 1st trimester, but after that I just watch my intake. I am not a pleasant person in the morning until I've had my 2 cups of coffee!
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I cut back, but I didn't give it up. I started to go that way, and ended up with screaming headaches that made my morning nausea worse, so I kept, at a minimum, 2-3 caff items in my daily intake. I actually had found a coke at breakfast helped tone down the nausea for me!

However, keeping in mind that I cut myself down to about 1/3 or my normal daily intake, I think I did pretty good for myself.
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I don't have any caffeine early on in the pregnancy, but I will occasionally have a pop with caffeine later on. I don't like coffee but I love my Dr Pepper. I don't drink it daily but sometimes I do indulge when I really need one.
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I avoid it first trimester - unless I have a migraine, as I feel a cup of coffee is far less harmful as a headache cure than ibuprofen or something stronger. But that was two cups total the first trimester this pregnancy.

Now that I am in the second trimester, I am drinking one (8oz) cup in the morning. I want more, but I am concerned, 1) about the latest studies that seem to indicate that it can cause problems and, 2) more importantly (at least for me) that more coffee will cause other issues, like dehydration or give me false energy so I will be inclined to overdo. The single cup doesn't seem to do that, just helps me wake up and focus.

FWIW, I did the same through my first two pregnancies, and both girls are perfectly healthy and normal. I did give up coffee again for awhile during my second pg when dd2's twin was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect, but according to the pediatric cardiologist, even that was optional. I just wanted to feel like I was doing everything I could.
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I'm concerned about the added risk of miscarriage with extra caffeine so I reduced my daily travel mug of black tea to a travel mug of green tea every other day. One thing to remember with caffeine is that when they talk about a "cup" they only mean 8oz so if you don't drink your mug out of a standard size coffee mug (mine are probably 1 1/2 times the size!) then you need to take that into account. If the average cup of coffee has 150mg of caffeine and you're having a travel mug full that's 16 oz, you're relaly getting about 300mg of caffeine which is the recommended limit.
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I continued to drink a cup of coffee most days during all four pregnancies. No concerns, no regrets
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No way man. I can't go without coffee. I have a 14 mo who still gets up a couple of times per night. my doctor told me my 2 cups a day is ok.
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No I didn't avoid all caffeine and I didn't cut back as I was comfortable with my normal 0-2 cans of pop a day (these are "normal" sodas, not the high caffeine ones) and the random chocolate here and there. I don't drink coffee as I don't like the taste.

And honestly, I don't get too worked up about caffeine as it has little effect on me. I have gone weeks without any and not noticed anything different and other times had a lot of it (especially in college) and again, did not have a noticeable effect. Sugar & other refined carbs on the other hand, those have a huge impact on my energy levels and I get a caffeine-like effect from them that I have observed in others. I do wish all the beverages I like came in non-caffeinated versions as I would just switch as I don't really want the caffeine.

I'm more worried about caffeine and BFing as I have read that even a little can have a significant effects on some babies.
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During my first pregnancy, I stopped drinking coffee for a little while during my first trimester because just the smell of it made me want to hurl. As soon as the mere thought of it didn't make me queazy anymore, I went right back to it.

During my second pregnancy, I didn't stop drinking it at all. I needed it to survive the day with my then 2 year old.
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I'm not a big caffeine drinker, so I don't have an issue with the occasional tea or pop. I've been trying to treat my headaches with caffeine before tylenol, but that's not always successful.
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I avoid all caffiene in the 1st trimester (but i've had 4 miscarriages and thus am quite cautious with anything that might make a difference) and then slowly go back to it. TBH it's not hard when tea and coffee taste like crap, but i admit, i do miss coke!
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I weaned off of the caffeine before getting pregnant and avoided it through the first tri (not that I could have stomached the stuff anyway). Now I can't wake up without my morning espresso with pumpkin pie creamer!

One shot of espresso has significantly less caffeine than a cup of brewed, and I like the taste better anyway. It's just enough to perk me up and I feel zero guilt about it.
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I tried giving up coffee during my first trimester, and I was *miserable*. Especially since I work in an office and really need that little boost in the morning. I read a ton about caffeine and pregnancy, and while everyone has a slightly different opinion, the general consensus is 150-300 mg a day is a bit iffy, and 300+ mg a day is not good.

Every day of my pregnancy so far I've had one small cup of coffee (about 6-8 oz, which is a half-cup in a decent-sized mug) so I figure I'm drinking about 75 mg worth of caffeine. I never drink soda and only occasionally have chocolate or tea, so it's worth it for me!
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I didn't have any the first trimester this time, but only because the smell of coffee and the thought of tea made me puke.
Now I have a cup or two of coffee and usually a cup or two of tea per day. I also eat chocolate. I don't think about it at all.
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I don't drink coffee or black/green/white tea anyway (we do have an occasional herbal tea, but those don't have caffiene anyway). I have an occasional soda but there again we avoid caffienated unless we're using it medicinally (ie, having to drive late at night). So no, I don't have any caffiene when pg, but that's nothing out of the usual for me...
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I avoided it completely with my first (who ironically is by FAR the most hyper-he has ADHD and bipolar), drank it occasionally with my 2nd and 3rd. With my 4th and 5th, as well as the one I'm carrying now, I drink at least 2 soda's a day. I HAVE to have the caffeine though-I have a separate condition and the caffeine is the only way to control it.

Anyway, it didn't seem to effect them negatively and they were still good sizes, but in general, I'd try to limit the amount you drink. I mean, I don't see an occasional soda or coffee as making you some horrible mother.
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