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Midwives/ homebirth in Minneapolis?

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My hubby is considering taking a position in Minneapolis. I just found out I am pregnant. I was planning a homebirth here in Texas, but can anyone tell me abt the laws re: homebirth in Minneapolis? Any home birth midwife recommendations?
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I'm pretty sure any level of MW is legal. I've never heard of anyone birthing "under the radar".

I'd recommend my midwife, but she moved to CO

Try these:


Also found this interesting:

Good luck!
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i am 99% sure homebirth is legal. i haven't had one myself but recently joined a playgroup where there is mamas that have them. if you search homebirth mws here in the mn/ws area you'll even find some recommadations.

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Oh yes indeedy...we have pretty good laws here in MN protecting midwives and homebirth. In addition, 2 birth centers are opening soon (or are already open -- I'm sure another MDCer can provide the details). Heymama provided some good links to get started. Also, I can recommend the midwifery group Trillium (http://www.trilliummidwives.com/).

Congrats on your bun in the oven!
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I've also heard good things about Trillium... one of them was my backup MW. If I planned a 3rd I'd go with them.

Here's one of the birth centers:

Here's another opening in St Paul:
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Here's another opening in St Paul:

We used Dr. Amy Johnson-Grass (Health Foundations) for our April 2008 homebirth .... we absolutely loved her and the pre- and post-natal care we received; we had a fabulous birth of a 10# 15 oz baby girl :-) (No problems with insurance either.)
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Oh goodness! Moving from Texas to Minnesota is going to be a huge (and maybe not the warmest) change!

Homebirth is not only legal, but thrives here in Minnesota. You have many options to choose from. Being licensed is optional here, so you can choose from a LM, CPM, traditional (who may or may not be certified) and CNM.

Minnesota Families for Midwifery has a list of all of the midwives. You can definately find what you are looking for here as far as homebirth!

And I had Jeanne Bazille for my midwife for my first two homebirths and then Jeanne and Jane Kirby with the twin homebirth.
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Congratulations and good luck with your move! We moved here from Connecticut about 1 1/2 year ago and used this forum for all of my MPLS needs, including homebirth midwife. The problem here is NOT that you won't find a good hb mw, but that you'll find too many GREAT ones and it will be tough for you to make a decision!

I am due in Nov and am using Kim Garrett. Jane Kirby will also be present. These two women are amazing and I couldn't recommend them more highly. PM me if you want more info. Good luck.
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We used Maureen Dahl for both of our homebirths and LOVED her. Amy Johnson-Grass assisted at our first homebirth and we also thought she was exceptional. She was going to assist at our most recent homebirth but was sick, so her assistant Kate came. Kate was wonderful, too!

VERY exciting about Dr. Amy's new birth center opening up!
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