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I was just looking at herbs that can help prevent or treat pre-e, since I had HELLP last time around and want to do all that I possibly can to prevent it this time around.

One herb stood out when I was reading, cramp bark. Why? Well, between week 17 and week 27-28, I was taking cramp bark 3 times a day to prevent preterm labor. I had been having consistent contractions starting at 17 weeks and the hospital wouldn't do anything, just told me to go home and miscarry. My midwives on the other hand told me to try cramp bark and sure enough, it worked wonders, but every time it wore off, the contrax were back. When they finally went away, I stopped it.

Thinking back, I realized that this was actually right around when I started having some swelling, allbeit fairly minor. But since I never had ANY swelling with my non pre-e babies, it really worried me at the time, so I was keeping an eye on it. Over the next month, the swelling got worse, but my blood pressure was still ok and there was no protein, although my bp had increased quite a bit (normally I run at the low range of normal, so it going up didn't raise any red flags or anything. And then at 32 weeks and a few days, I started feeling horrible and by the end of the week, I had HELLP.

I wonder if its possible it was just hiding the hypertension earlier on, or if my body actually adjusted to having it in my system, so when I stopped, it weirded it out. Of course, its probably just some weird coincidence, but its so odd. I don't know where I was going with this post...I guess just wanted to share something I found interesting
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Huh... can't hurt to try it... right?
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