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wth is going on

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it seems like wy forgot how to nurse overnight.

Today was ok. Tonight has not been ok.

From 6-10 he nursed each hour (normal for a 6.5week old), then he nursed some more and barfed everywhere - he sometimes projectiile vomits if he gets over full. There was a lot of screaming from 10-3. He doesn't normally cry inconsolably, we haven't ever had a night like tonight. Nothing I did helped. Every time I lay down with him he starts screaming again. Finally he farted a lot and had a pee and a poop and ate some more and is sleeping in my lap. I think I may just sleep sitting up.

My nipples are killing me. It feels like I'm trying to BF a cheese grater. they hurt when he's eating and they hurt now that he isn't. They're also red/very pink but I don't know if that's from 'over use' or if I'm dealing with thrush. Tonight he's been thrashing his head around with the nipple still clamped into his mouth - previously when he'd do this he was trying to get away from the let down, but tonight he's been doing it and things are not spraying everywhere (If I didn't know better I might think my milk was drying up, yesterday I was spraying everywhere today I'm not). Maybe he is frustrated that milk isnt coming as fast as usual? His latch also went to crap tonight - I've been ending up with a lipstick shaped nipple at the end of each feeding which is contributing to my pain (I know that it is related to poor latch, we'd dealt with it before but it had only been happening occasionally lately).

I'm not sure what is going on. I'm frustrated and exhausted. I am supposed to see the mw at 9am to have an IUD inserted and am worried about it. not sure if he's feeling my anxiety. I drank a big glass of milk around 8p and this business started by 10p, not sure if they are related.

help! I don't expect anyone to have answers but I need a hug or a pat on the back. things were going ok and suddenly just went to pot.
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Oh mama, I'm sorry. He's not striking right? Still eating, just not nursing well?
Thrush could quite possibly be an issue- esp. since your nipples are red. Does he have white spots on his tongue that you can't scrape off with your fingernail? (If it was just milk-deposits on his tongue you would be able to gently scrape them off.) Also, thrush causes awful tummy trouble for the babe- gassiness and pain. DD1 and I struggled through 8 weeks of thrush when she was a babe. Did you see your midwife today? What did she say?
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thankfully he's still eating. No white spots in his mouth/on his tongue. My nipples are still pinker than usual today but don't hurt as bad. I got some info from the mw about LCs if I need more help.

It is so unlike him to cry like that, I was worried he might be sick.. I took his temp and it is normal.

I'm really hoping this is not thrush. I know babes can be asymptomatic with it. I'm going to try to air my nips out today and maybe sun them if it doesn't rain (I can only imagine what the neighbors will think).

Thanks for your help. I was at my wits end last night.
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I know you're keeping an eye on it but maybe thrush or the early days of an infection/mastitis since those can both cause pain to you and fussiness to babe. And although it's never happened to me, I know some babes get pretty annoyed around 3 months since overactive letdown tends to back off then and they need to "work" for milk that used to gush.

I had a similar experience a few days ago (unhappy vomit babe, on and off the breast, aggressive) and i think it was due to adding peanut butter back into my diet. Have you changed anything in your diet maybe?

Big hugs... hope it's just a random ugh and not something that lasts!
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last night was so much better! I hope tonight is ok too. He's still fussier than he had been before, but at least is consolable.

I don't know how parents of colicky babies do it.
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