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Weight gain on domperidone?

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Hi! I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced weight gain as a side effect of domperidone. I've been on it for about 6 weeks, and have had a good response (still having to supplement a little bit at night when my supply is low, but otherwise, I've gone from almost all-formula feeding to mostly BFing). However, I've gained 15 lbs! I think it's because I never feel full any more. It's getting to the point where as much as I love BFing, I'm thinking of stopping the domperidone, because I really can't gain any more weight (I have type 1 diabetes, and weight gain makes it even more difficult to control my blood sugar).
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I'm not sure about gaining weight ... but I didn't lose my baby weight. And even more depressing, I just went off the domperidone and haven't lost any either. Shoot.
I've heard lots of anecdotal comments about mamas gaining weight or not losing their baby weight while on the domperidone. I think it has to do with the increase in appetite and never feeling full, as you mentioned.
Good luck mama!
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Weight gain is not an umcommon side effect.

Perhaps useful hint: If you are able to breastfeed fully (rather than supplement) once between 1 and 5 am when your prolactin levels are the highest, you will probably get a good boost to your supply and take advantage of your natural prolactin as well as the dom induced levels.
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The thing is that the dom doesn't make you gain weight – it makes you hungry so you eat more and gain weight.
I've tried to stick to healthful snacks (apples, carrot sticks, non-fat yogurt, air-popped popcorn) and that's helped. I was getting lots of long walks with my babe in the sling, too, which helped even more.
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i find i'm really, really hungry when i'm on domperidone. very hungry. and when i'm so hungry and have two kids running around plus a newborn it's hard to prepare healthy snacks.
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Yep, count me in on the weight gain on domperidone train. In fact, I didn't start losing any weight at all until I totally weaned DD. It makes sense, because dom is originally for people with digestive problems.
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I heard dom causes rapid stomach emptying within about 10 minutes after you take it. It is advised for people with digestion issues who take it to take 10 minutes before meals. I try to take it at least an hour before my meals or an hour after so that I don't have quick stomach emptying. I take it 4 times/day at 10 am, 4 pm, 10 pm and 4 am (DD is almost always up then). I usually eat breakfast at 8, lunch at 12 or 1 and dinner at 7ish. I do have quite an apetite but I attributed it to breastfeeding. I still had a couple lbs of baby weight left to lose when I started it and I'm now 10 lbs below my pre pregnancy weight (!!)...so it hasn't impacted my weightloss at all...unless I would have lost even more weight if I hadn't taken it. I am vegetarian and close to vegan and eat pretty healthy foods but I have dessert (dark chocolate) every single night so it's not like I'm dieting or anything. I also get almost no exercise other than lifting a 16 lb baby all day. So it doesn't impact everyone...or maybe I just timed it right.

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Yes I am having weight issues due to it, but I figure, this is just for a short time. I am doing a good thing for my daughter by giving her mommy milk. I figure a year or two of being rather heavy is a sacrifice I am making for my child. I can lose weight when she is weaned.
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