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Help please, my ds

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My ds is 7.5 months old. With every doctors appt his Dr. has checked to make sure that his foreskin retracts properly. He didn't check at the 6 month appt so last night I was thinking about it and tried to retract it a bit and it won't retract. The tip looks pinched and flowered when I try. Does this indicate a problem?
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Neither you nor your doctor should be retracting your son's foreskin at all. No one should except your son, himself, when the time comes. The foreskin is self-cleaning... just wipe the outside and be done. If you continue to forcibly retract him , you'll likely cause scarring which could cause him problems in the long run.

It will retract in its own time - generally, anytime between 3 years of age and puberty (or even beyond).
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Oh, and next time your doctor attempts to retract your son's foreskin, tell him to stop. There's no reason for it... he should know better. (Personally, I would be finding a new doctor, but perhaps you can educate this one).
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Your son's foreskin should NEVER be retracted by anyone for any reason. This is exactly counter to the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics and The American Medical Association. Get your child away from this provider. If he/she is this wrong about this, he/she will also be wrong about other things. Please tell the doctor: "We will be getting our medical services from another provider. I have learned that retraction of an infant's foreskin is a dangerous and damaging procedure from The American Academy of Pediatrics and The American Medical Association. You have put my child in danger and I no longer trust you to provide medical services for my family." I would also recommend reporting him/her to the state medical board.

Premature retraction can cause scarring of the glans, the foreskin and the preputial sphincter as well as setting the area up for infection that could necessitate a future circumcision. There is no more need for a doctor to see inside your son's foreskin than there is a need to see inside a girl's vagina. It's totally off limits! Do not go easy on this idiot! He/she is a danger to your child.

The tip is supposed to look pinched and flowered. That means it is doing it's job of protecting everything that is inside by not allowing anything in.

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Thank you! I circ'd my oldest ds when he was born and probably would have circ'd my youngest because I was (obviously) uneducated about circing. The powers that be stepped in though and sent him home saying that he could have it done outpatient at the pediatritians office. When I inquired they said not until 6 months after his due date (he was 8 weeks premature) and then he would have to be put under. That 6 months is coming up on the 19th and my dh and I are debating about it. I have said no way am I allowing them to circ him and he is saying there's no way that he's allowing it not to get done...mommy will win this war though, lol.

I honestly had no clue that I wasn't supposed to be retracting it. Thank you for clearing that up and for easing my mind about the way it looks.
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Wendy, here are a couple of great intact care articles for you, so you're not guessing anymore.

Premature retraction

Intact care agreement

Take care,
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