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Seeing as that I'm obsessed with gender prediction tests....I thought I'd share a really cool one.
1. Cut a 16-20 inch piece of thread. You can also use your own hair.
2. Pull it through a needle(or wedding ring) and tie both ends together.
3. Hold the string/hair by the knot with your right hand.
4. Hold your left hand out-palm down- and tap the needle/ring against your hand, between the thumb and pointer finger, 3 times
5. Turn your left hand over-palm up-
6. Hold the needle(by the knot) above the palm of your left hand- about an inch away.
7. Wait for it to move It should either swing in circles or go back and forth in lines. Circles=girl and lines=boy. It should come to a stop between kids. This test should tell you how many kids you are going to have/or have already had and what gender the kids will be. I was really spooked the first time I did this. It swung back and forth twice, went in circles once and then back and forth again......I do have 2 boys...

The other ring test is done over your belly. It should either go in lines or circles and tells you what you have in your belly(not how many kids you'll have). Tell me what you guys come up with! It's been correct with many friends- it even told my my best friend she had boy/girl twins(the needle went from circles straight into lines without stopping) at 6w and it was accurate! I have to say I hope it's right