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Silly poll: Would you reuse bathwater? - Page 6

Poll Results: Would you reuse bathwater in this scenario?

  • 25% (56)
  • 74% (164)
220 Total Votes  
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If I HAD to do it, I would.
I don't see the big deal.
I grew up in the UK and the bath water was reused. First me, then my older brother, then my mom, then my dad.
People have lived with a lot more adversity than not having fresh bath water.
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What if you just get a smaller tub to fill? Maybe a small wash basin? You could fill that 3 or 4 times with fresh, clean water every time for your toddler instead of using water that's sat stagnant with things like dead skin & fecal mater in it. My concern with stagnant bath water is bacteria/microbial growth. Reusing water that's been previously used to bathe and then left to sit could increase the risk of things like skin infections or UTI's. I guess if you run with the theory and relate it to the issues whirl pools have been accused of having... Once the water is re-heated and the steam or water vapor is inhaled, it could cause something like a lung infection too. It's a stretch, but who knows.

Basically, I vote for using a smaller tub and using that water to flush toilets or water flowers.... Still not a fan of that? Maybe try sponge baths every other bath day or taking a bath with your toddler.
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okay, I voted yes before i read the OP. OOOPS. I was thinking reusing it as in one child takes a bath and then another child takes one after. I did that all the time when my kids were smaller. But they way you are talking, i would not reuse it in that way because of the standing water.
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I voted no, but I do either take a bath with my kids or use their water for my own bath. I have 2 girls ages 3 and 6. I have a large tub and don't want to waste water.
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When I give our dog a bath, I usually wait until after I have given DS a bath and just use the same water to bathe the dog, so I guess I kind of reuse it.
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I'd reuse it to give a second kid a bath right after, or to water the garden, but nope never leave it sitting.
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I voted no...although if my tub was plumbed to go to an outdoor "rain barrel" type of thing, then I would not mind using for things like watering and washing the car or any other outside purpose.
But currently it would be too much of a hassle re-use unless of course I did a bath (which I don't) and then soaked soiled clothes in the tub when I was done.
But I probably would not use it for most indoor tasks....

After reading other posts...
I would and have re-used bath water with the kids. But it was just because they bathed either at the same time or right after each other. I would not store it to re-use it.

It also reminds me of my last home birth. I pre-filled the kiddie pool that I had bought to birth in and it sat for a few days(possibly a week..I don't remember) and it got really really slimy and nasty. I had to empty it and wipe it all down and re-sanitize it and such. Then when I felt like it was closer to the time. I filled the bath with hot water the night before I birthed and by the next morning when I got in at around 6-7am it was horribly cold and took A LOT of HOT water to be added to it to even make it feel the least bit warm. Now yes the kiddie pool is a little bigger than a bath tub but I think it would still have simular results and not be very useful. I personally would just bathe less. It may sound gross but I only actually fully submerge bathe once a week and just "sponge" bathe the rest of the time. If I notice my hair looking greasy...then I just quickly wash my hair in the sink. But I have realized that when I eat heathly I do not get greasy and stinky. I can even go without deordorant when I eat healthy....but I can tell that when I eat junk for an extended amount of time that my hair and skin get nasty sooner and that my sweat stinks...and there is more of it.
I know we are talking about a little kid here and BO is probably not a huge issue and I kind of gather that the bath is more for pleasure than hygiene....then I would just have to say either play it tough and cut down on bath time and do more sponge baths or just convince yourself that is happiness, safety and hygiene is more important than saving a little money and water. The choice is yours.....but if I was you, I probably would not keep the water for over a day for rebathing.
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might be a good idea to break him of the bath habit in general if possible. i have moved to sponge bathing myself and DS each day and showering myself every 3rd day when my hair needs washing, and then also washing DS's hair once a week or so.

i have found that this saves a LOT of water.

my next step is to have a floor/foot pedal placed in the shower so that i can turn it on and get wet, then step on the pedal to turn the water off, and then step on it to rinse, and so on--using even less water. it works really nicely when i've had this sort of shower in other places. i really liked it.

i really value water, even though i live in a very wet place.

when i do bath DS and myself--with a basin and wash cloth--i water plants with that water. i do the same with sink water. i want to do grey-water recycling too. . .but that's a whole other issue.
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Sure I would. But Im not worried about my treated bathwater growing bacteria in my clean bathtub over night. Call me a freak, but that is the last thing that comes to my mind. How much hot water I would have to use to warm the cold water up is the first thing, it would prob. equal the amount for a new bath.
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