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Poll Results: Would you reuse bathwater in this scenario?

  • 25% (56)
  • 74% (164)
220 Total Votes  
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Originally Posted by treemom2 View Post
Absolutely we often reuse our bath water. Here in Japan a lot of families reuse their bath water. They make covers to go over the bath and we have a button we can push that reheats the water. We keep ours in for 2 days before making new water. We do wash with soap before getting in the bath (you don't use soap in the baths here. . .baths are for soaking not for washing), most of the time the kids get out of the bath to pee (we have a whole room for bathing, the shower is separate from the bath so they just pee down the shower drain). If the water looks icky of course we change it. . .but otherwise, I see nothing wrong with reusing!
Yeah, but that sounds like a pretty different scenario. I might even be inclined to reuse water in that situation. You are all clean when you get in, you are not using even more water to re-heat the old water, and the tub has a cover and is designed to have water sitting in it kind of like a hot tub.

(BTW, did this make anyone else think of the bath scene in Totoro or am I the only one that dorky? )
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No way.

We do sometimes bathe the kids one after the other but we only started that after my youngest stopped peeing every time he got in.
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No. Even if you hadn't put a kid in the water at all, just filled the tub and left it standing two days, it still may not be fit to bathe in. Didn't you ever see those things on the TV news in the summer about kids who get sick from water left standing in wading pools? Granted, the tub is inside, so probably there are fewer ickies than outside, but there are still plenty of things that can grow and breed in standing water. I don't think I'd do it, and I am not a germphobic person AT ALL. Skin cells and germs from saliva and the odd trace of fecal bacteria and all kinds of other lovely ickies are there in used bath water, too.

I am a big fan of co-bathing. I also take my twins out of the tub and immediately put my five year old into the same water, and then DH takes a bath in the same water afterwards. But that's all in the span of a half hour. Two days, to me, is too long, unless you're going to filter and chlorinate or salt it and call it a hot tub or a swimming pool.

If water conservation is important, filling the tub only half as full each time will save more water, since you're not having to add hot to warm it up each time. Flushing only for poops will save plenty of water, although you may need to clean the toilet bowl more often. And wearing clothes several times before washing, if they're not obviously soiled or stinky, will save a lot of laundry water.

I use our bath water to water the garden sometimes (or the lawn if you have one) since our bath products are all biodegradable and non-toxic, and most of the time we only use plain water anyway.
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If we had to ration water, I'd bathe the kids every other day, or I'd give them quick showers before I'd reuse bath water. I get a visceral "ick" feeling thinking about it.
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True, our situation here in Japan is quite different from having to stand in the bathtub to take a shower. They also have a hose we can attach to our bath so we can reuse the water in our washing machine.

(Also, Totoro is one of our fav movies and the bath scene is really what it's like here. . .families bathe together and they all wash before they get in the bath. . .there are also public baths which are pretty interesting--and I'm sure they don't dump the water everyday)
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We live in a co-op, so even though we don't pay our water bills directly, the water is paid through our collective maintenance fees and co-op members highly encourage water conservation.

I personally would not re-use bath water for any member of the family. DD only gets a bath once a week (usually on Sundays) and then she gets sponged bathed the rest of the week if necessary. DH and I generally don't take showers on the weekends in the winter.

I think if any water is wasted in our home, it is the toilet water. If you go to Europe and other countries, toilets have very little water in them. I think toilet bowls in the U.S. are set to hold too much water. Think how much money is being flushed down the toilet!
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Originally Posted by vbactivist View Post
I wouldn't reuse it as you describe, but I do have my kids get in eachother baths immediatley following one another ala Little house on the Prairie.
That's what we do.....dad gets the tub last and rinses in shower.

We also don't fill it up more than a quarter full.
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I voted no, because I don't think I would reuse the water for another bath, but I would use the water to water non-food producing plants.

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Originally Posted by crl View Post
I voted no, because I don't think I would reuse the water for another bath, but I would use the water to water non-food producing plants.

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My friend who grew up very poor in Europe did Saturday night sequential family baths as a kid. The tub would be filled, then his sister (the youngest) would bathe, then he and his brother would bathe together next. Then his dad would get in last. (Mother had left the family).

DD and I bathe together to save water.

Sometimes I get out first and DD stays in to play. DH doesn't always open the drain (don't ask) when he takes her out and sometimes I go in the next morning and find a cold tubful of water (sigh). I have to tell you, it's not really bathable water. I don't just mean the cold (and I have to admit, it would take a lot of hot water to heat it back up again anyway) but just icky. I'm a huge, huge proponent of reducing waste but I have to concur with others. I'd reduce by having everyone bathe in the same water sequentially (the same night), or reduce the number of baths, or reduce the size of the bath (a bucket or sink or whatever). But standing water is not good for you or the house.
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Originally Posted by Sancta View Post
To conserve water, we bathe all our kids (sans infant) in a bucket. First the 2 year old has his bath, then the 3 year old, and then the 5 year old gets the bucket topped off with hotter water.

Bucket-baths do three wonderful things:
1. Save TONS of water. The amount we use doesn't even come close to filling the tub.
2. Keeps the water warmer longer, because there's less surface area to allow for cooling. GREAT in winter months when kids get chilly fast in a shallow pool of water.
3. Gives the kids a nice soak in a spa-like environment so they're relaxed and toasty before bed.
4. I had to edit to add a fourth wonderful thing: The bathtub gets scummy/dirty waaaay less often, which means less cleaning for me!


ETA: To answer the OP, no, I would not let my kids bathe in day-old standing water, esp considering that toddlers tend to pee in their bathwater.
GREAT idea- do you know what size that bucket is??
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No, not for that long of a time in between because of potential bacteria growth and yes a drowning hazard, but reusing it for one child then the next child/adult (if they don't bathe together for whatever reason) is something I think is fine.
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No, my parents ALWAYS made us reuse the bath water when I was growing up and I HATED it with a passion and vowed I'd never do it with my kids. *blush*

The closest I come to reusing water is once in a while if my kids want in the shower with me I'll stop it up and catch my shower water so they don't freeze to death.
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My kids get a bath once a week- even though it's fun, perhaps you could limit his bath taking since he's not really dirty.
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No I would not do that.

We had weekly Sunday night baths as kids (there were 3 of us) and we all had to use the same water, though the rinse off was fresh water.

I vote for bathing less often as a measure to save water, and honestly I'd be very curious to see how much a bath costs at your house. I can't imagine it would save that much money.

(I do think it's very neat that so many are concerned about water- it is a precious resource!)
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We bathe once a week, it really saves on the water. I'm amazed by people who bathe every day. Who gets that dirty? ( Well, I'm sure people do...we just dont! LOL)
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One way we reuse bath water is to flush the toilet. We leave the water in the tub and use a bucket to pour it into the toilet to flush and refill it. The water stays in the tub until the next person needs a shower and then we drain it, clean it and leave that shower water in the tub to flush with. We have saved 10 - 20 dollars on our water bill doing this.
I don't think we would use it to bath in again though because I've seen the gunk on the bottom of the tub after it's sat for a while and that is kinda yucky.
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Originally Posted by Jessy1019 View Post
Letting it sit for two days is a dealbreaker for me. My kids will take consecutive baths (or bathe after me or my partner), but we wouldn't leave the water to sit for days. That just seems icky.
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Originally Posted by Dandelionkid View Post
GREAT idea- do you know what size that bucket is??
No idea - it's just a rope tub that lots of stores carry. I got the blue one at Target. Bought a grey one I like better at Walmart. And I believe there's a red one at Kmart?

Someone else saw my pics and said that their Lowes had them too....


Ooh! Now Target has a purple one! Oh well, my bathroom is red and grey....wouldn't match anyway.
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