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Lehigh Valley Mama's Tribe!

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Okay... after searching for like minded Mama groups in the area, and only coming upon SAHM groups... and reaching out here to see if anyone knew of anything else...

I figured I'd start a tribe. See who all is in this area that is looking to network some friends, and hopefully plan some outings that work with working Mom schedules too.

About me... I am 28 and work full time out of the home M-F. I'd love to meet some like-minded people to hopefully be-friend and get together with occaisonally. My daughter is 9 months old and my step-daughter is 5.

So if you have any interest and live in the Lehigh Valley... please post!
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We're house hunting and our area of concentration is slate belt or eastern LV; we'll certainly be much closer soon. Just... have to find a house.
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Hi, I'm in the Lehigh Valley too! I'm 26, eight weeks away from meeting our first baby. I'll be at home for three months, but then it's back to work full time M-F. I agree that so many things seem to take place only during the day. I'd be up for some get-togethers, especially since I'm the only mama among my friends!
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i'm FROM the lv. my family is all there. hoping to move back soon!
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Hi, I live in Bethlehem and have a 4 year old DD and one due very soon!

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Awesome! Hi everyone!

What sorts of activities would you be interested in doing?

The nice weather months are easy with so many lovely parks in the area... but any ideas for winter get togethers?
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Hey there mamas-

While I'm not SAHM, but not quite M-F mom, I work from home and consider my hours "flexible". I still got loads to do, but I can sometimes convince myself to put it off until later if something comes up durng the day I want to do.

I live in West Allentown and am expecting my first in January (or early February).

As far as activities are concerned, I think initially we could just meet up as a group and spout off the different interests we have.
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That sounds good TSomm.

I am pretty much only available after 5 on the weekdays, and then weekends.

Any dates, times, place to meet up suggestions?
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I think Wegmans or a coffee shop would be nice. Wegmans does have a daycare if anyone likes to do that. I'm new to the whole kids thing. Mine is still in me so I don't have much issue with that yet.

On another topic, while I have the ears of you mamas, where do you go for pediatricians in the LV? I'm at the point where I should start looking for one and am looking for suggestions.
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Count me in! I'll be a SAHM but my husband works and he'll have to drive me (we only have one car and it's standard, which I don't drive). As for places to meet, I second coffee shops or Wegmans. Also, bookstores (BN, Borders) and the mall. Anyone been to the Moravian Bookstore? Love it there!
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Crayola factory might be nice.

You have time; you could get on the waiting list here: http://www.woodmed.com/
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Slate Belt mom here. I'm crazy busy with 3 kids and full-time plus PT job, but I'll try to meet up sometime
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I'm going to try to set something up before the holidays, if possible.

I'm thinking a Saturday... what dates look good for you?
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The first three Saturdays in December work for me!
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*BUMP* Hello?
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I think this is wonderful that y'all are doing this! I hope you are able to get it off the ground and running.
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Hi! I am in Hellertown- right outside of bethlehem. I am a 26 year old SAHM to two little ones, currently pursuing an online masters to become a lactation consultant! I would love to get to know other LV mommas. I belong to a really great meetup group- the ecomoms. It is for all shades of green Some really great moms, if you are interested in joining. We do playdates, moms night outs, wine and cheese documentary parties, and so on. We have lots of working moms too and do stuff on the weekends:


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Hi There - New Here!!

Hi! New here & sort of new to PA..I'm a relo from Long Island now in Allentown, looking for like-minded mammas to get together with whenever. I'm a mom to 7 month old DD, BF'ing, co-sleeping, EC'ing, BLW'ing....etc...I was recently laid-off, so I'm a SAHM for now! Let me know when/where, I'm up for anything... I know absolutely no-one here, so I'm happy that I found this site!! Thanks!
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Count me in. I am in Allentown (near Dorney Park) and would love to get together for some playdates. Have sled will travel. I have a 4 yr old boy. 

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