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pregnant, depressed, and not sleeping... take the sleep meds?

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I am 30 weeks and having an episode of depression. I recently started back on antidepressants, having gone off to conceive the baby. I have been having a misrable time trying to sleep, and feel that my poor sleep is making things worse. My psychiatrist wants me to take Ambien, and says it won't hurt the baby. I feel anxious about it. Does anyone have any experience or advice? I am so exhausted I could cry... but then again, I could cry anyway.
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have you tried benadryl?

at this point sleeping or not makes a HUGE difference in my depression. Even if you take the ambien for a night or two, it might be worth it to try and break the cycle
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(hi DDC mamas!)

I had HORRIBLE insomnia and anxiety in my first trimester due to a relapse in PTSD (long story but my DH almost died last time I was pg and hormones triggered a relapse)

I started Zoloft at 15 wks which took a month to kick in. While I was waiting I took Ambien for a week or two. I am NOT a med taker and had never taken sleeping meds in my life. But I seriously did not sleep for a full week. Like not a wink. I was out of my mind. I was super worried about taking the Ambien but grateful for the sleep it gave me.

I'm due in Dec, so haven't had this little nut yet, but I really don't think it will be a problem.

Dr. Hales' book says that Ambien is Class B, not many meds are that safe for pg, not even SSRI's.

I did try Benedryl and Unisom before that but had creepy nights where it felt like my body was asleep but my mind was awake. Not fun.

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I took 1/2 a Unisom every night for months for morning sickness. It is approved and recommended. Tylenol PM is also approved. I was given Ambien to help me sleep while on hospital bedrest as well.

Please take something to help you! Especially during this horrendous flu season, lack of sleep is going to make you more susceptible to getting sick.
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Did your insomnia start with the antidepressants? Some have this as a side effect which gets better after a few weeks or a dose change. I had horrible insomnia with Zoloft
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Hmm. I would like for this to be the case, if it means it goes away in time. Sadly, I think my insomnia may predate the antidepressants, but I can't remember exactly. I'm on Wellbutrin now.
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Have you ever tried acupuncture for depression? It is AMAZING how well it can help with stress, anxiety, depression, energy, and sleep. I would look into it, if money is tight, try to look for group or community acupuncture in your area as it tends to be cheaper.
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I agree--acupuncture is GREAT for depression. Community acupuncture is such a good way to go as well if it is offered in your area.
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I took Unisom postpartum. I didn't have serious sleep issues but when I had a few bad nights, I took it to nap or took it the following night, more for insurance than anything. Poor sleep is a big factor for me in slipping into the pit.

I asked my midwife about Ambien. She was willing to prescribe it but said that depression is a side effect. If you can get by with something more mild, you might try that first, but I would definitely try something (acupuncture is a great idea).

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Also, try taking magnesium citrate in addition to your other meds. It does need to be the citrate form. It made a big difference for me when I was pregnant. Afterwards...I also needed Zoloft to sleep
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