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Is this beyond normal morning sickness?

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I am about 10 wks pg with my second. With ds I was a little nauseous but rarely actually threw up and for the most part could hold down food and always liquid. This time around I am throwing up every day a couple of times a day and last night it got even worse. I have been throwing up at least every hour since about midnight. This morning I tried to eat plain bread and threw that up. I tried some herbal morning sickness tea, and threw that up. Then I tried straight water, just a little bit and small sips, and I threw that up. I am starting to feel really tired and a bit dehydrated. I hope this is just a passing phase or something. Anyone else been this sick?
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I would definitely call your provider if you're worried about dehydration.

FWIW, I found that water made me extremely nauseous in the first trimester. I found that I could better stomach iced raspberry zinger tea or orange gatorade.

Hope you feel better soon.
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You need to be really careful about dehydration when you're pregnant. It does sound pretty bad -- please call your care provider! They can either get you hooked up with some medication to allow you to eat drink (I've done both Unisom and Zofran), or if it's gotten serious, they can dehydrate you. A lot of times, an IV with some fluid can do wonders to get you started on the way to feeling better.
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I have been that sick, but for 2.5 months (so far). I fall into the lucky group of women who get hyperemesis gravidarum, and it can be very serious, so working with a care provider to keep hydrated is important. have you lost weight this pregnancy?

Since you've only been intensely ill for a day or so, you may have a virus, or a short span of intense morning sickness, but regardless of why you are throwing up so much, it is important that you do not get dehydrated. If you are worried, call your provider and explain that you haven't kept anything down for x hours, have not peed since X o'clock, and are worried about dehydration. different offices have different guidelines, but it's best to check if you are unsure.

In the mean time, drink something with electrolytes, and try something protein rich and fatty. Broth is great for all of this. Even if you only keep things down for a little bit, your body will get some nutrients, so keep at it. Small sips of liquid usually stay down better than gulps. Good luck!
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I think that if you feel your morning sickness is beyond normal, than you should definitely call your provider and push for someone to listen to you (if he/she doesn't). I was very sick with my first and since it was my first, I didn't know any better. My provider brushed me off and made half-@ssed suggestions like eating crackers or having some more protein before bed. With my second baby I realized that it was NOT NORMAL to be as sick as I was the first time.

I was really sick in the beginning of my current pregnancy as well but luckily I had a better provider who took me seriously, wrote a prescription for Zofran, and made some more realistic suggestions (other than "keep saltines on your bedside table" ).

I hope that you get some relief soon. Even if it does turn out that this is actually a stomach virus and not pregnancy related (since it stepped up so suddenly and intensely), getting some help for dehydration would definitely be a good way to help turn this around so you can start feeling better.
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