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Hey i'm gonna make it short. I'm sorry for my bad language, no excuse for it, cept i never understood why it offends so many people, but that's besides the point. I'll quit swearing, and sorry again.
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Eric - fwiw, the language doesn't offend me nearly as much as the violence behind your sentiments. It seems to me that you are missing that point.

All the best.
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I don't think i'm missing the point, i'm really not a violent person at all. I wouldn't hurt a fly, it's just i really despise people like this. I don't mean it, it's just that it kinda comes out, and it's too late to take it back. I do understand what you're saying.
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Originally posted by Eric
I don't mean it, it's just that it kinda comes out, and it's too late to take it back. I do understand what you're saying.
:LOL That's what that "edit" button at the bottom is for!!!!
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I know that. But after i realized that i had posted bad language it was already too late, cuz i had gone to school, and couldn't edit it there, and my cable internet went out last night, and by the time i got home today, my posts we're already deleted. Trust me, i know tons about computers, so i do know that there is an edit button, but thx for pointing it out anyways.
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now eric, i have a fouler cruder mouth than most longshoremen, and i understand absolutely the nature of wanting to vent about baby-torture; it really pisses me off- and i could give a rat's ass for 'bad language', but it's the violent imagery that was unnecessary.

like, how are you gonna fight a violent act espousing such violence? we who know you here (speaking for myself at least) are pretty sure it's just rhetoric and you are just getting some anger outta your system, but it doesn't really help 'the cause' if you freak people (who may be newbies) out suggesting you want someone to expire painfully.

i am totally in your corner, you know i share your devotion to saving little children from this devastating act, but yeah, it put me off my feed a little. just be chill and save your passion for the great work you have been called to, eh? jmho, suse

edit: ALL my edits are for grammatical/spelling errors! uh, is that something to take pride in, lol?
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Thx for seeing where i come from. I appreciate it. It won't happen again. I'll just go ride my bike and let it out when i'm going out on those huge fricking hills

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