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Vitamins & Chlorella

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i just got a multi from mercola, and saw that it has chlorella. is ANY kind of chlorella bad with amalgams or when its at the vitamin level it's different...? Unsure and not up on my chlorella lit right now...

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this is merely a snippet from mercola.com. i like what mercola does, i like what cutler does...this runs contrary to cutler's opinion. one is a dr and one is a scientist, both with lots of experience.

has anyone taken the Mercola mutli+ w/ these concerns?

"Chlorella is an incredibly powerful nutrient from the sea and is a form of algae. I use it quite a bit for mercury detoxification. It binds very strongly to mercury, eliminating it from your body. It also contains peptides that bind to lead, arsenic, plutonium and uranium. However, it does not bind to zinc, magnesium or copper -- the essential minerals you need -- so it’s an intelligent algae.

The normal dose is one teaspoon in the juice. However, about 30 percent of people cannot tolerate chlorella, so if it makes you nauseous you should definitely avoid it. The advantages of chlorella are:

* Provides a high source of chlorophyll.
* Adds magnesium and protein.
* Binds to heavy metals and pesticides.

If you have high iron or vitamin D levels, you will want to avoid chlorella, as it is loaded with both of these nutrients."
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Ok I know this is a really old thread, but I am wondering about taking chlorella with amalgam fillings in.  I want DH to start taking chlorella tablets, but he has amalgams.  If the chlorella just binds to the mercury in your body and excretes it, I dont see how it would be bad.  As I understand it, it is things like kombucha that you should not take if you still have amalgams because it frees the mercury and it "floats" around in your body because the yeasts that kept it stored away are killed by the kombucha, so now the mercury is free?  I'm confused tho, anyone have a better understanding of this?

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