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Maybe expecting quads **Updated in #32**

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In a bit of shock here.

I posted this in my DDC (June 2010) but thought it might be a good idea to cross post over here for advice.

I'm currently 7 weeks pregnant with quads. Two are identical. We did IVF and all three of the embryos transferred took and one split. This was NOT supposed to happen and my specialist told me that he has never once had this happen in his 15 year career!!

The doctor is giving me a 50/50 shot of my identical twins not making it to my next scan on November 3rd. He said that the heartrate of one was not looking good and the other didn't look like it was developing well.

I'm wondering if what he saw was twin to twin transfusion. Is it too early to detect that at 6weeks and 4 days?

My other twins look healthy and happy in their own little gestational sacs. They have good strong heartbeats too.
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I couldnt read and not give you a huge HUG
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Definitely shocking for you!

It's too early for twin to twin transfusion. After placentas are established is when the risk can begin.

Good luck!
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Wow! You must be in shock.

Like MamaRabbit said, it is too early for twin to twin transfusion.

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Wow! What a ride you're on! Congratulations and good luck!
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Congrats! Good luck.

I do know someone who gave birth to quads about a year or so ago. I believe she delivered around 26 weeks and all four did spend a fair amount of time in the NICU...but all four are now doing fine I believe. She was given the option to reduce and decided to wait and see what would happen through her first trimester. When all four survived that and all four were actually looking good she decided she would prefer to keep all of them. She did have a VERY hard time finding an OB who was willing to work with her though. She was very careful to take very good care of herself...took herself off work and I think she worked to put on close to 80 lbs. But obviously that all paid off.

Hang in there.
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Wow! What a shocker.

A lot could happen in the next few weeks, and it is likely to be an emotional roller coaster. We'll be here if you need us.

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hugs and prayers for you and your wee crew!
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What a surprise heh? One split into MZ, that is pretty amazing.

As for Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome, I have read that it can be spotted as early as 6 weeks, although I'm not sure if that is why your dr. gave you the 50/50 chance. Check out the TTTS website for more info on that.

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sending hugs and prayers, and watching for updates.
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I started lightly spotting earlier today. It was only showing when I wiped but it was bright red. I called my doctors office and they are having me come in tomorrow morning for a scan to see what is going on.

In the meantime, I'm sick. I've been sick for a week now with either the flu or bad bronchitis so I have pretty much been off my feet. I'm nervous.
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Good luck tomorrow!
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sending good vibes and hope your way for the best outcome
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Good luck tomorrow.
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Good luck for tomorrow.
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Good luck. I hope everything turns out ok.
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Good luck
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Oh, mama! Hang in there! You are your babes will be in my prayers.

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Congrats on the pregnancy, and I hope all goes very well for you! Let us know how things go tomorrow-- we are all here for you.
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