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Wow! Good luck, and I'll be thinking about you.
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Wishing you the best of luck. Please update us.
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So my update is pretty much the same old same old. All the babies have heartbeats now. They are pretty steady. However identical twin 1 is measuring several days behind the other babies and identical twin 2 has a really large yolk sac.

My doctor still thinks the odds are very high that we are going to lose those two The bleeding was totally unrelated though.
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Good luck, mama...
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Oh goodness, more twists on your coaster. I think of you daily (weird, huh? swear I'm NOT a stalker ) and am praying for the best outcome. You've got to be a mix of emotions about all this. LOTS of love coming your way.
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Just wanted to give you a hug.
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Holy poop! Good luck!

Honestly the fact that they have heartbeats is good, though I know anything could happen.

I was a surrogate for my best friend and they transferred 6 embryo's. Of course, they did all 6 because the quality wasn't super and they didn't think they'd survive a freeze. Anyway, 3 stuck and over the weeks, we saw one heartbeat and 2 with none. One sac had obviously stopped growing at one ultrasound and then a week or two later, we saw the one heartbeat and none in the other. Another week and still no HB in the other. Long story short, I ended up carrying one baby-the others just stopped growing and were reabsorbed.

My point is, we didn't even get to the heartbeat stage and were told once there was a heartbeat, the chances of loss went wayyyy down. I'd assume in our case part of that was the quality of the embryo's, but still.

It does sound like the one might be having a hard time? How low is the heart rate? I don't know anything at all about having a large yoke sac, so I'm no help there, but my 2nd baby's heart rate was very low the entire time and she was fine. I think she was just super laid back...even her blood flow. haha. (This was the kind of baby that I could go a week without feeling a single movement in the 3rd trimester!) I'm not saying nothing is wrong because at this point, waiting is the only way to know for sure-but it could be fine

Good luck and keep us updated!
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The enlarged yolk sac is apparently a sign of a chromosomal disorder and often indicates an imminent miscarriage. So says my specialist and everything I've been able to google online.

I go in again on the 3rd to see how they are doing. I will be 8 weeks and 4 days by then.
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I just wanted to offer a bit of my story; not sure if it will provide comfort or not, but I've been thinking about you and thought I might want to hear a similar story. After 4 and half years of TTC (w/ 5 m/cs), I became pregnant this April; our first u/s revealed 3 heartbeats, 4 sacs. DH and I were shocked beyond belief. We were told then that the forth may develop, may not; that the chances of more than 2 surviving was slim. By 12 weeks, one of the four had stopped growing and I absorbed it; at this time they thought one of the three had a chromosomal issue and gave me less than 30% chance of it surviving. By 20 weeks, they couldn't tell the difference between that baby and the other two. Today, I am 31 wks w/ triplets. I'm not advocating for a triplet pregnancy; we certainly weren't looking for this; but it is the hand that I was dealt. This forum has become a tremendous amount of support and information for me. This waiting game is no fun; Take care of yourself. Keep us updated.
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Congratulations and hugs! At our first u/s one of my girls was measuring 2 weeks behind and had a strong heartbeat. The RE told us that the heartbeat was a good sign but recommended that we not tell people we were having triplets. 2 weeks later she was only 1 week behind and after that measured the same as the others. While she was the smallest at birth (3-2 at 34 weeks), she's been the largest of the three since 9 months.

For the nausea, i wasn't eating enough before I found out there were three. After I read Dr. Luke's birth and started eating a lot I felt so much better. It was hard the first couple days, but after that I was only sick when around people who smoked.
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checking in to see how the u/s went. thinking of you.
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Update for today. We lost one of the singletons. There was no heartbeat or bloodflow and it looks like my body was already starting to reabsorb the baby.

But the other three are looking very healthy with good strong heartbeats. They are measuring right on time as well and looking well formed.
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This is awesome. I hope and pray all will go well with you and the babies. What an exciting time for your family.
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That is a difficult update, but a positive one. Three healthy babies is always a wonderful thing, though!
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I am sorry for your loss I hope the 3 little ones you have continue to grow and thrive!
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I'm sorry about your little one

I'm sending you healthy, sticky vibes for triplets
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I can't know what you are experiencing, but I imagine there must be a multitude of emotions rolling through you. Be easy on yourself and let whatever you feel be.

This whole pregnancy has been a rollercoaster. I wish it more ease from here on.

Thank you for letting us know and feel free to lean on us. We are here.
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Glad the other three are healthy, but I am sorry for your loss.
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So sorry you lost one but glad that the other three are thriving. Funny it wasn't the one that the doctors were so concerned about.
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