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Ultrasound Mix-Up

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I went for my 20 week ultrasound a few weeks ago. When I was at reception, she asked if some of the information they had on file was still current (address, phone number, etc...) She asked if I still had the same family doctor, and I responded that yes I did, but she neednt send him a copy of the results, as he isn't even aware that I'm pregnant.

She yammered something at me about hospital policy, and I decided to pick my battles & let it lie... that is, until my midwife appointment yesterday, when I realized they HADN'T received the results.

My midwife called the hospital & they faxed it over. Her name wasn't anywhere on the results. The results HAD been sent to my doctor (I've confirmed this with his office) So, yeah. Hospital policy is to NOT send the results to the person who requested them in the first place, and instead send them to someone else entirely?

Okay, so it could have been an honest mistake. Most US results are probably sent to a doctor. However, this is the hospital I will be transferred to, if necessary, during my labour. What if this is a sign of something more? What if there's this general-over-all lack of respect for midwives as proffesionals in this hospital? If the midwife beleives a cesarian is necessary, are they going to take her word for it, and get their asses in gear? Or are they going to hook me up to one of their beep-boopers until it spits out some indication that surgery is necessary? If so , will the time wasted be the difference between life and death? (or some serious trauma?) Midwifery care is supposed to be integrated into the system here (I'm in BC Canada)... but I'm not so sure anymore. What if it's one of those things that just looks good on paper?

I called the hospital this morning. I spoke to the woman in charge of the receptionists. She asked if the receptionist asked for the midwives address (No) and then if I had given her the address without her requesting it... basically blaming ME (no, she HAD the request form IN HER HAND)

She INSISTED that they send the results out to all the doctors (yes, she said DOCTORS) involved in my care (I reiterated that he ISN'T, nor will he be, involved in my care... he doesn't do births) She offered to get the results back from his office, and it became clear that she was missing the point. I told her that I didn't care whether or not my doctor had a copy, I was concerned that my midwife didn't get one, and elaborated a bit on my concern.

She's going to look at the request form. She implied that the midwife probably didn't include an address, or contact (and said that envelopes get seperated from their contents) Regardless, they had my phone number (the receptionist confirmed it with me) and could have gotten it from me, even if they didn't notice until after I left.

She says she's going to get back to me... I'll call her tomorrow. I'm going to request that she fax me a copy of the request form, because I think she's already decided it doesn't have an address on it, and I won't believe her if she says it doesn't. I don't know what else to do though.... besides giving them my optometrist & dentists addresses, and insisting they recieve a copy of the results as well. They are after all, as involved in my care as my doctor, and probably as qualified, when it comes to birth!!

It just sucks that the hospital can do that sort of crap.
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You know... I am just about as critical of hospitals as one can get... but in this case it really sounds like it is just sloppiness, rather than a prejudice against midwives. That wouldn't stop me from worrying about how they would treat your midwife and you in the event of a transfer, though! Does your midwife usually work with this hospital? Maybe talking to her about it will reassure you (or confirm your fears.)
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I would agree with the last poster... our son saw an allergy specialist last summer, and the results were sent to his pediatrician, not his allergist. At the time, I was annoyed, too.
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My ECG results were sent to my OB and not my regular doc...so go figure!
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I chose to have an MRI a few years ago after my opthalmologist recommended it. I had declined it the first time she recommended it, but agreed that it was a good idea the second time. I specifically had to request that the results NOT be sent to my regular physician, as any issues with the MRI results could have affected my obtaining life insurance if the insurance company requested contact with my doctor. After studying biology and global health care systems (particularly the United States') in college, I am very skeptical of who gains access to my private health information.

It sounds like you are a in slightly different situation, though, and although it could have been an oversight on the office staff's part, it was a dumb oversight. However, they did correct the situation by quickly sending your midwife the information. Maybe it's just a learning situation for the testing facility to make sure they ask their clients to verify WHO the results of any tests will be sent to, instead of just assuming it will go to their primary doctor.

It sounds like your really upset by this, Harriett, and I can certainly understand why! Keep in mind, however, that if you play a little dumb and confused and are nice and kind with the office manager/person-in-charge, you will probably get a much better response to this situation.

mama-to-be in late spring 2004!
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My midwife does work with the hospital quite often, yes. (one of them even has appointments there once every other week, so people in my area don't have to go all the way downtown to see her) I went to the hospital during my labour with Roland (I had GBS, and they gave me my abx there, because I have an allergy to penecillin, and so am more likely to be allergic to some other abx) The nurses tried to stall us from leaving the hospital, by giving the midwife more paperwork that they 'forgot', as we were leaving. She just took it, and said she'd bring it back later, which they protested, but DH & I were already on our way to the elevator. THEN a nurse was in the elevator on the way down, giving us all disapproving looks & tsk tsking at us, so this isn't my first experience with this hospital.

For the ultrasound, the hospital had my doctors' information from a previous visit (part of pre-registration, during the hospital tour for Rolands birth... incidentally, that tour was a large part of what made us change our mids, and have a homebirth) The receptionist had the request form in her hand, FROM THE MIDWIFE, when I was speaking to her... she neglected to use ANY of the information on the form.

I'm not very good at playing dumb... I do much better if I'm upfront & direct. That doesn't mean, though, that I'm being rude to them in anyway. She came up with her theory that the midwife didn't provide an address pretty quickly... I doubt this is the first time she's had a midwifery cleint complain to her.
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