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Not the answer I was hoping for. I wanted to hear, "no, this will never happen again:. I had a vaginal tear that turned into a hematoma the size of a grapefruit. I had to go home with a cathader in because it blocked me up from the swelling. After the OB took out the dried blood a week later, I was back to normal and had sex at 6 weeks pp. Ouch does not even cut it.... But, after a couple times I was fine. 5 years later I still feel a stinging, pulling sensation every now and then. But, I am so scared to get pregnant this fall because of that. I really want a home birth but what if this happens again?? That pain was worse than contractions for me. I'm glad you are doing good now.
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i tore on the inside only as well. they told me it was about as long as a pinky finger and a button hole through to the rectum. it took them two hours to stitch me. 8 mos out things are decent down there. not like before but OK.

i was wondering who squatted for birth? i used a birthing stool as this was the ONLY comfortable position for me. my doula and a midwife i know think that first time moms and squatting during childbirth cause more tears. i also pushed pretty hard because it felt better to do this also.
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Bumpe for any updates?
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I also had a vaginal tear during my homebirth, pretty sure to was due to the trauma of her birth (shoulder dystocia). It was a 2nd degree tear, and I was incredibly swollen and in SO MUCH PAIN for a few days after. I swear, the first day or so, it felt like I was recovering from another c-section (my first was a c/s, this was a VBAC) because I could barely walk or get out of bed without assistance! I took pain meds for a few days.

I was afraid to have sex for a while after (about 3 months)... but when we did, it felt... fine! It doesn't give me any problems at all. I have tried to look in a mirror and find any scar tissue, etc, but I couldn't see anything.

I am glad you were able to hear from your MW! I hope it helps you process things more.
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